Almost 50 Vaccine Injury Decisions and Settlements Added


This week mctlaw posted nearly 50 new vaccine injury decisions and settlement amounts to its case results page at  This table shows how much money our attorneys recovered for clients with severe reactions through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  You can read through the entire table of our Vaccine Injury Case Results here. Some of the recently posted results include:

The table lists the filing date, vaccine, diagnosis, and a link to the redacted court decision. There are almost 700 injury cases listed that were represented by the attorneys at mctlaw.  This case results table is updated multiple times a year.

The Vaccine Court is a no-fault compensation program. People who suffer debilitating reactions to vaccines can file a claim for compensation through the program. At mctlaw there are nine attorneys working exclusively within the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

  • Our attorneys have recovered more than $300 million dollars for vaccine-injured clients.
  • mctlaw obtained the highest single compensation award in the Vaccine Act history on behalf of one of our clients.
  • NO part of a clients’ financial award is taken by our law firm.
  • There is NEVER a contingency fee paid by the client in vaccine cases in the United States Court of Federal Claims
  • Our clients keep 100% of their settlements because our legal fees are paid directly by the Court.

The program, which operates within the US Court of Federal Claims, distributes compensation from a trust fund. The fund is supported by a $.75 excise tax on every vaccine dose administered in the United States.

Mctlaw has more than 2o years of experience representing clients in the Federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. If you think you may have a severe vaccine injury,  contact us for a free case evaluation or call 888.952.5242.

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