Transverse Myelitis Triggered by a Vaccine

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Transverse Myelitis (TM) and Vaccine Reactions

In rare cases, a vaccine can trigger Transverse Myelitis. The most common vaccine linked to Transverse Myelitis is the influenza vaccine or flu shot. It is also linked to other vaccines like hepatitis B, measles-mumps-rubella (MMR), and diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP).

IMPORTANT: The information below does NOT apply to injuries from COVID-19 vaccinations.

What Is Transverse Myelitis?

Transverse myelitis, or TM, is a neurological disorder caused by inflammation, or swelling, of the spinal cord. The spinal cord is a key part of the central nervous system; it sends messages to the brain, which communicates to the nerves in the body. The nerves then send sensory information back to the brain. What happens with Transverse Myelitis, is that communication between these parts is interrupted and this can lead to sensory damage, such as pain, weakness, numbness, paralysis, and loss of function in the lower body.

Have You Been Diagnosed With Transverse Myelitis?

Mctlaw may be able to help you get compensation for your injuries, and for the damage, it has done to your life. Our attorneys represent people with Transverse Myelitis caused by vaccines in the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).

Recently, we represented an eight-year-old child who got Transverse Myelitis from an extreme reaction to the flu shot. She was paralyzed and lost the use of her lower body functions. Her mctlaw vaccine injury lawyers won a $65 million dollar payout settlement over her lifetime from the VICP to cover the cost of all her medical bills, pain and suffering, future lost wages, and compensation for future care expenses.

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The National Vaccine Injury Program and Filing a Claim

There is help for people who have a severe reaction to a vaccine. The federal government created a program called the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) The VICP is a federal government trust fund that has paid out more than $5-billion dollars to people with vaccine injuries. Right now, there is more than $4 billion available to payout vaccine injury claims.

The first step is to file a vaccine injury claim in the United States Court of Federal Claims. It costs you nothing to hire an attorney to help you with this. The Court pays all of our fees and we NEVER take any part of your settlement. This is why it is so important you have a legal team like mctlaw representing you.

What Do We Need To Review Your Case?

Our vaccine injury lawyers need a copy of your vaccination records showing the date you were vaccinated and the type of vaccine. We also ask for specific medical records. This information helps to find out if we can represent you in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

Diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis After a Vaccine?

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Symptoms of Transverse Myelitis:

– Pain, usually starting in the lower back and radiating through the legs, arms, and torso
– Numbness or tingling in the lower body, and sometimes arms
– Weakness in the legs and arms

Symptoms of Transverse Myelitis:

– Paralysis
– Bladder dysfunction
– Loss of bowel control

In most cases, patients only suffer one episode of TM and have full or partial recovery within the first three months, but sometimes the recovery process can take years or patients can experience recurrent episodes. If you are experiencing transverse myelitis symptoms after receiving a vaccine shot, be sure to see your doctor right away. TM can be managed with treatment.

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