Transverse Myelitis Triggered by a Vaccine

Transverse Myelitis (TM) and Vaccine Reactions

Transverse myelitis, or TM, is a neurological disorder involving inflammation of the spinal cord.  Serious damage is caused by attacks of inflammation, and so is the destruction of myelin, the fatty insulating substance that covers nerve cell fibers. This damage results in nervous system scars that interrupt communications between nerves in the spinal cord and the entire body.  Studies show that rarely, vaccines trigger Transverse Myelitis.

Transverse Myelitis is an autoimmune disorder, which means that that body’s immune system has gone haywire.  Vaccinations, in addition to viral and bacterial infections, are known to be triggers. The influenza vaccine, or flu shot, is one of the more common immunizations that causes TM.  Our attorneys are experienced in representing clients who contracted Transverse Myelitis after a flu shot.  Review our case results for TM here.

Diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis After a Vaccine?

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Symptoms of Transverse Myelitis

Symptoms of Transverse Myelitis include a loss of spinal cord function that lasts from several hours to possibly even several weeks. TM usually starts as a sudden onset of lower back pain, muscle weakness, or abnormal sensations in the toes and feet. Then, it rapidly progresses to more severe symptoms, including paralysis, urinary retention, and loss of bowel control.

Prognosis of Transverse Myelitis Triggered by a Vaccine

Some patients recover from Transverse Myelitis with minor or no residual problems. However, others suffer permanent impairments that affect their ability to perform ordinary tasks. Most patients have only one episode of Transverse Myelitis. Although, a small percentage experience a recurrence.

mctlaw has Experience in Representing Clients with TM Due to Vaccines

mctlaw previously represented a number of patients that have gotten compensation for injuries resulting from transverse myelitis following a vaccination.  These cases involved vaccines including the flu vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine, tetanus vaccine, and measles mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine.

Common Adverse Vaccine Reactions

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