Why Refer Your Cases to Us?

Why reinvent the wheel?  If it is something we have been working on, we have put our time, effort, and experience in perfecting the litigation.  Rather than you and your firm starting from scratch in the litigation, we are able to effectively and efficiently represent your client and free you to return to your core practice.  Referring clients involved in the complex litigation that our Firm is already handling is a win-win-win solution.  We do pay referral fees to our colleagues except in vaccine injury cases.

Metal on Metal Hip Replacement Referrals – Biomet M2a Hip Case Referrals

We are one of the lead law firms in the national litigation against nearly all metal on metal hip manufacturers. Our firm filed the first lawsuit in the United States against a metal on metal hip replacement maker.  This is an area of law where we have extensive legal, medical, and scientific knowledge.

Please contact us at 888-952-5242 to discuss referral of your client’s MoM hip case or the formation of a co-counsel relationship.

Vaccine Injury Referrals

Practicing Vaccine Injury litigation in the United States Court of Federal Claims is a highly specialized area of practice.  We are honored to accept your vaccine injury client referrals. However, because of the nature of these cases, we are unable to offer you a referral fee. But please know that we will treat your client with the highest respect and care while pursuing compensation for his or her vaccine injuries.

Please contact us at 888-952-5242 to discuss referral of your client’s vaccine injury case or the formation of a co-counsel relationship.

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