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What is Appellate Law?

Appellate Law is the process of appealing an unfavorable verdict that a defendant may challenge in court to review. This process happens at the state and federal levels and in civil and criminal law and can only be made if legal errors occur.

What’s the Appellate Process?

To successfully file an appeal, an appellate attorney must demonstrate that proper procedures were not followed during the trial to overturn a verdict.

When this happens, an appellate court can review the trial transcripts, evidence exhibits, motions, orders, and other documents relevant to the case. However, a new trial is unavailable, and new evidence cannot be presented in court during an appeal.

In civil cases, both sides can appeal a verdict. They must submit a brief notice of appeal that explains why they believe a decision should be overturned.

The appeals process is complicated. To be successful, it is critical to have an experienced appellate attorney who understands the law to determine if errors were made. At mctlaw, our attorneys have the experience and expertise in appeals work.

Types of Appeals

The appellate attorneys at mctlaw have experience in appeals in the state and federal courts.

They represent all firm clients in appellate matters and clients who come to the firm solely for attorneys to handle their appeals.

Florida Appeals

For Florida state cases, mctlaw attorneys handle civil appeals, typically in product liability litigation. They also work on cases involving Florida administrative procedure cases.

Federal Court Appeals

In federal courts, attorneys frequently handle appeals in vaccine cases in the Court of Federal Claims and the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, including product liability cases in various circuit courts of appeals.

Indian Tribe Appeals

At mctlaw, we do appeals on behalf of Indian Tribal clients. Through our firm’s Indian Law practice, we currently represent a tribe in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in a fishing rights case. The Ninth Circuit adjudicates many of these types of appeals and with our experience with similar Tribal appeals work, we’re certain our attorneys can help tribal clients in that we could help other tribes in this type of appellate litigation.

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About mctlaw

The attorneys at mctlaw represent clients against multinational corporations and governments every day, winning substantial settlements and judgments for our clients.

In the past few years alone, we’ve recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients. We are trial attorneys with a reputation for standing firm when other law firms back down.

We don’t blink, and our clients benefit.

Content Reviewed by Jennifer Maglio – Appellate Lawyer

MCTLaw attorney Jennifer Maglio
Jennifer G. Maglio

Ms. Maglio began her legal career in the public sector as an Assistant County Attorney for Sarasota County, Florida. At Sarasota County, Ms. Maglio litigated a variety of matters including land use, civil rights, and employment law actions. As part of her duties in the County’s litigation section, Ms. Maglio prepared appellate amicus briefs for the Florida Association of Counties and Sarasota County on local government issues being argued before the Florida Supreme Court.

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