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The attorneys at mctlaw represent people across the United States in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, in national medical product liability lawsuits, and in commercial litigation. We help people stand up to huge corporations or government agencies and balance the power in their fight for justice. 

Over the past two decades we have fought many battles for our clients, and every step of the way, we did our best to make positive changes in their lives. We know our work has made a difference for people across the country. 

Our continuing success is rooted in our mission:

  • We will be fair and professional to all while we do what is right.
  • We will represent our clients to the absolute best of our abilities.
  • We will outwork any adversary or competitor.
  • We will not wilt in the face of overwhelming odds even when our colleagues cave.
  • We will constantly innovate.
  • When necessary, we will be disruptors.
  • We will see that justice is done.



Elmiron Vision Loss Lawsuits

If you’ve taken Elmiron for bladder cystitis and experienced vision loss or maculopathy, then you may have a claim against the company that manufactures this drug.

Kratom Death Injury and Overdose Lawsuits

If you’ve taken Kratom in any form and experienced an injury, overdose, addiction, or if a family member has died, you may have a case against the manufacturers of this toxic substance.

Government Contracts and Litigation

What happens when your government contract goes wrong? It can put your whole business at risk. Talk to our government contract legal team about a dispute, protest or litigation.

If you own property next to an old railroad track that is being turned into a community trail, the federal government could owe you money.

The attorneys at mctlaw have extensive experience dealing with the legal challenges facing Indian governments and organizations relating to gaming, tribal governance, land use and environmental issues, Indian health, and historic preservation.

Medical Product Liability

Talk to our legal team if you’ve experienced any type of injury from a medical product or drug.

What Our Clients Say About mctlaw

Thanks to you I am living comfortably in my own home with assistance. After my devastating GBS diagnosis from the flu vaccine six years ago, I didn't know what to do. Thank goodness I found you and your law firm. Thank you so much!.
Thank you for all of your efforts all along to help resolve lifelong issues I will always have due to this defective implant. You have held my hand through a lot and each and everyone of you at MCT are appreciated for all of your efforts.
I want you to know the appreciation I have for Diana Stadelnikas and her team for the effort they have put into my wife's claim! The settlement negotiation they achieved (in a very frustrating situation) is outstanding! While there's a way to go yet, I want to assure you will they have my full confidence and gratitude to the finish!
It was so nice to deal with someone who treated us with respect and had a true interest in our future. This would not have happened without your hard work. Please tell anyone who helped with this that we truly appreciate it

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