Guillain-Barré Syndrome Triggered by Vaccination

Reviewed By Anne Carión Toale, Vaccine Injury Attorney

What is Guillain-Barré Syndrome?

Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) is a disorder that causes a patient’s immune system to go haywire and attack its own peripheral nervous system. Symptoms range from a feeling of pins and needles to complete paralysis and can begin anywhere from a few days to several weeks after vaccination.  However, symptoms usually peak around one to two weeks after the shot is given.  The chronic version of GBS is known as Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy or CIDP.

Vaccines That Commonly Trigger Guillain Barré Syndrome

  • Influenza Vaccine or Flu Shot
  • Hepatitis A or Hepatitis B
  • Tetanus Shot, Tdap, or DtaP
  • Meningococcal (MCV4) Vaccine
  • HPV Vaccine
  • Varicella or Chickenpox

The Flu Vaccine and GBS

Researchers who study vaccine reaction rates find that “GBS is more strongly associated with the flu vaccine” compared to any other type of immunization.

The Journal of the American Medical Association cites Guillain Barré as the most frequent neurological condition reported after getting the flu shot.

 HPV Vaccine and GBS

There is evidence that the HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccination can trigger Guillain Barré Syndrome. 

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says Guillain Barré has been reported after the HPV vaccination. 

Other studies show that 72% of patients who reported GBS symptoms after an HPV vaccine experienced those symptoms within 6 weeks after their shot

Did You Get GBS After a Vaccine?

There is a statute of limitations to file a claim, so don’t wait to find out if you qualify. We may be able to help if you got GBS from a vaccination between 2017 and 2020.

What are the Symptoms of Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS)?

Symptoms of Guillain-Barré Syndrome start out as weakness or tingling in the legs. Sometimes, these sensations then spread to the arms and upper body until the victim becomes paralyzed.  In some cases, GBS causes such severe muscle weakness that patients must be put on a ventilator to breathe.

The most common GBS symptoms include:

  • Pins and needles feeling in your extremities
  • Weakness in your legs that spreads upwards
  • Trouble walking or keeping your balance
  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing
  • Problems breathing

Types of Guillain-Barré Variations

Ther are different variants of Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS). Some of the most common are:

  • Acute Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (AIDP)
  • Miller Fisher Syndrome (MFS)
  • Acute Motor Axonal Neuropathy (AMAN)
  • Acute Motor Sensory Axonal Neuropathy (AMSAN)
  • Pharyngeal-Cervical-Brachial Variant
  • Acute Panautonomic Neuropathy
  • Bickerstaff’s Brainstem Encephalitis (BBE)

What To Do if You Have GBS from a Vaccine Reaction?

  • Contact a lawyer who is experienced in representing patients in front of the United States Court of Federal Claims. Filing a vaccine injury claim is an extremely complex and litigious process.
  • There are no legal costs for an injured patient represented by mctlaw. Instead, at the end of the case, our law firm asks the Court for reimbursement of the fees and costs spent representing you.
  • This reimbursement is separate from any money you’re awarded by the Court. You never share any portion of your payout with our law firm.
  • Find out more about the legal process of vaccine injury compensation.

For more information, fill out a form or call our office at (888) 952-5242 to speak directly with someone.

Talk to Someone About Your GBS Vaccine Injury

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Our Guillaín-Barre Syndrome Case Result Amounts

Our attorneys have won more than $300 Million dollars for vaccine-injury clients in the past 5 years alone. The names of our clients have been redacted to protect their privacy.

Amount CompensatedVaccine NameLink to Court Decision
$300,000Trivalent Influenza VaccineCase 09-281V
$350,000Influenza VaccineCase 09-792V
$55,000Influenza VaccineCase 09-719V
$425,000Influenza VaccineCase 08-833V
$175,000Trivalent Influenza VaccineCase 10-216V
$70,000Influenza VaccineCase09-321V
$175,000Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis Vaccine (DTaP)Case 09-834 V
$90,000Influenza VaccineCase 09-697V
$100,000Trivalent Influenza VaccineCase 09-423V
$100,000Influenza VaccineCase 10-173V
$150,000Influenza VaccineCase09-0382V
$125,000Trivalent Influenza VaccineCase 09-873V
$100,000Influenza VaccineCase09-0696V
$100,000Influenza VaccineCase 10-266V
$205,000Influenza VaccineCase 10-24V
$100,000Meningococcal, DTaP, Varicella VaccinesCase 09-867
$104,481Influenza VaccineCase 10-417V
$100,000Influenza VaccineCase 09-768V
$275,000Influenza VaccineCase 09-790V
$80,000Influenza VaccineCase 10-520V
$130,000Influenza VaccineCase 10-601V
$85,000Flu VaccineCase 10-267V
$60,000Flu VaccineCase 11-121V
$315,000Influenza VaccineCase 10-79V
$185,000Influenza VaccineCase 10-419V
$100,000Influenza VaccineCase 10-159V
$300,000Influenza (Flu) VaccineCase 09-331V
$210,000Flu VaccineCase 09-451V
$100,000Flu VaccineCase 10-19V
$285,000Influenza VaccineCase 10-440V
$140,000Influenza VaccineCase 10-305V
$125,000Influenza VaccineCase09-831V
$109,962Flu VaccineCase 10-438V
$95,000Flu VaccineCase 10-514V
$55,000HPV Vaccine, Hepatitis A Vaccine, Meningococcal/Meningococcal VaccineCase 09-277V
$50,000HPV VaccineCase 08-429V
$350,000Influenza VaccineCase 10-364V
$162,500Influenza VaccineCase 10-292V
$175,000Flu VaccineCase 09-858V
$300,000Flu VaccineCase 10-333V
$300,000Influenza VaccineCase 10-407V
$100,000Influenza Vaccine, Tetanus (Tdap)Case 11-387V
$100,000Influenza VaccineCase 09-767V
$120,000Influenza VaccineCase 10-406V
$85,000Influenza VaccineCase 11-307V
$125,000Flu VaccineCase 10-620V
$130,000Tetanus (Tdap), Influenza VaccineCase 11-648V
$100,000Influenza VaccineCase 09-373V
$140,000Flu VaccineCase 09-773V
$150,000Trivalent InfluenzaCase10-549V
$300,000Influenza VaccineCase 10-344V
$85,000Influenza VaccineCase 11-367V
$50,000Influenza (Flu) VaccineCase 11-630V
$82,892Trivalent Influenza VaccineCase 09-705V
$50,000Influenza VaccineCase 11-369V
$85,000Influenza VaccineCase 09-545V
$75,000Influenza VaccineCase 11-865V
$125,000Diphtheria, Tetanus, Acellular Pertussis VaccineCase 10-265V
$100,000Influenza VaccineCase 12-112V
$110,000Tetanus VaccineCase 10-527V
$400,000Flu VaccineCase 10-376V
$235,000Flu VaccineCase 10-123V
$125,000Influenza VaccineCase 11-243V
$100,000Flu VaccineCase 11-143V
$310,000Influenza VaccineCase 11-635V
$50,000Tetanus (Tdap), Hepatitis B Vaccine, Varicella VaccineCase 11-305V
$100,000Influenza VaccineCase 12-417V
$450,000TdapCase 11-793V
$175,000Flu VaccineCase 11-493V
$90,000Tetanus (Tdap)Case 11-105V
$200,000Flu VaccineCase 09-552V
$165,000Influenza VaccineCase 10-524V
$85,000Influenza VaccineCase 10-497V
$85,000Influenza VaccineCase 10-497V
$60,000Influenza VaccineCase 11-0662V
$40,000Influenza VaccineCase 11-730V
$220,000Flu VaccineCase 11-306V
$90,000Influenza VaccineCase 10-124V
$160,000Influenza VaccineCase 09-550V
$345,000Influenza VaccineCase 11-368V
145000Flu VaccineCase 11-027V
$110,000Flu VaccineCase 12-416V
$850,000Influenza VaccineCase 12-533V
$250,000Influenza VaccineCase 09-765V
$261,000Influenza VaccineCase 11-146V
$75,000Flu VaccineCase 12-153V
$55,000Influenza VaccineCase 12-532V
$150,000Influenza VaccineCase 12-903V
$200,000 and $3,000/month annuityInfluenza VaccineCase 12-603V
$865,000Tetanus-Diptheria VaccineCase 11-18V
$150,000Influenza VaccineCase 12-287V
$285,000Influenza VaccineCase 10-866V
$311,000Influenza VaccineCase 11-366V
$100,000Influenza VaccineCase 11-197V
$160,850Flu VaccineCase 11-716V
$150,000Trivalent Influenza VaccineCase 12-460V
$103,000Influenza VaccineCase 11-104V
$75,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-235V
$250,000Influenza VaccineCase 10-502V
$295,000Influenza VaccineCase 11-144V
$126,000Influenza VaccineCase 11-144V
$100,000Influenza VaccineCase 12-603V
$235,000Influenza VaccineCase 11-322V
$75,000Influenza VaccineCase 12-135V
$400,000Influenza VaccineCase 09-653V
$500,000Influenza VaccineCase 11-552V
$500,000Influenza VaccineCase 11-552V
$150,000Influenza VaccineCase 11-292V
$150,629Flu VaccineCase 10-596V
$145,000TdapCase 13-62V
$250,000Influenza VaccineCase 12-904V
$170,000Trivalent Influenza VaccineCase 12-886V
$140,000Influenza VaccineCase 12-290V
$120,000Influenza VaccineCase 09-656V
Over $10 MillionHepatitis BCase 00-0000
$175,000Flu VaccineCase 12-535V
$135,000Influenza VaccineCase 12-461V
$191,633TdaPCase 12-277V
$150,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-199V
$165,360Influenza VaccineCase 12-407V
$160,718Flu VaccineCase 11-553V
$72,000Tdap, MMR VaccinesCase 13-08V
$72,000Tdap, MMRCase 13-08V
$105,000Flu VaccineCase 13-540V
$135,000TdapCase 12-916V
$85,000Flu VaccineCase 13-180V
$100,000Flu VaccineCase 09-424V
$105,000Tdap, Influenza VaccinesCase 13-273V
$170,000Influenza VaccineCase 12-671V
$165,000Influenza VaccineCase 10-411V
$275,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-769V
$200,000Influenza VaccineCase 12-154V
$150,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-178V
$160,000Influenza VaccineCase 12-876V
$100,000Flu VaccineCase 10-519V
$125,000Influenza VaccineCase 10-817V
$150,000Influenza VaccineCase 11-649V
$170,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-984V
$150,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-537V
$163,538Flu VaccineCase 12-755V
$260,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-429V
$120,000Flu VaccineCase 13-309V
$160,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-144V
$430,000Flu VaccineCase 12-288V
$225,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-97V
$1.5 MillionInfluenza VaccineCase 10-413V
$120,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-110V
$75,000Flu VaccineCase 12-406V
$60,000Flu VaccineCase 13-142V
$1.2 MillionInfluenza VaccineCase 13-134V
$140,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-39V
$325,000Influenza VaccineCase 11-899V
$80,000Influenza (Flu) VaccineCase 13-425V
$1.2 MillionHepatitis A and B VaccineCase 12-106V
$245,000Trivalent Influenza VaccineCase 13-286V
$110,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-93V
$75,000Influenza VaccineCase 12-542V
$70,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-986V
$80,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-133V
$80,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-133V
$300,000Influenza VaccineCase 09-657V
$120,000Influenza (Flu) VaccineCase 14-158V
$165,000Influenza (Flu) VaccineCase 13-802V
$100,000TDaP VaccineCase 14-209V
$287,500Influenza VaccineCase 10-498V
$75,000Influenza (Flu) VaccineCase 13-828V
$234,500Flu VaccineCase 13-73V
$140,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-228V
$807,000Flu VaccineCase 13-274V
$583,681Influenza VaccineCase 13-768V
$500,000Influenza Vaccine, TDaPCase 11-760V
$100,000Tdap, MeningococcalCase 13-374V
$131,464Influenza VaccineCase 13-561V
$125,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-622V
$85,000Flu VaccineCase 13-703V
$225,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-813V
$400,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-726V
$145,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-479V
$175,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-691V
$130,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-692V
$152,500Trivalent Influenza VaccineCase 11-629V
$200,000Flu VaccineCase 13-955V
$105,000Tdap, MeningococcalCase 14-99V
$100,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-905V
$180,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-755V
$60,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-752V
$175,000Flu VaccineCase 14-648V
$85,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-540V
$85,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-694V
$170,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-649V
$200,000Influenza VaccineCase 12-923V
$350,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-98V
$96,320Influenza VaccineCase 13-829V
$225,000Influenza VaccineCase 12-888V
$197,000Flu VaccineCase 14-192V
$225,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-970V
$170,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-771V
$175,000Flu VaccineCase 08-786V
$280,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-714V
$375,250TdapCase 14-641V
$535,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-846V
$125,000Influenza VaccineCase14-721V
$125,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-721V
$475,000Flu VaccineCase 13-322V
$310,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-74V
$260,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-815V
$125,200Influenza VaccineCase 14-930V
$150,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-595V
$180,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-816V
$160,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-170V
$200,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-857V
$70,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-483V
$525,000TdapCase 14-363V
$70,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-983V
$92,500Influenza VaccineCase 13-958V
$150,000Flu VaccineCase 15-463V
$150,000Flu VaccineCase 15-76V
$150,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-76V
Lifetime AnnuityFlu VaccineCase 13-835V
$315,000Flu VaccineCase 15-0300V
$315,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-0300V
$325,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-0021V
$130,765Influenza VaccineCase 15-856V
$130,764Influenza VaccineCase 15-856V
$135,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-81V
$220,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-1193V
$217,060Flu VaccineCase 15-0387V
$217,060Influenza VaccineCase 15-0387V
$291,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-0012V
$140,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-643V
$120,375Influenza VaccineCase 15-1089V
$328,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-59V
$128,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-727V
$128,000Flu VaccineCase 15-727V
$100,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-1088V
$95,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-888V
$368,476Flu VaccineCase 15-395V
$289,861Influenza VaccineCase 14-1089V
$112,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-0921V
$200,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-302V
$148,359Flu VaccineCase 15-1500V
$315,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-912V
$315,000Influenza VaccineCase 14-912V
$75,000Flu Vaccine, Meningococcal VaccineCase 15-1123V
$132,443Influenza VaccineCase 15-1124V
$315,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-1067V
$75,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-893V
$175,000Influenza Vaccine, TdapCase 15-983V
$190,000Flu, Dtap VaccineCase 15-0728V
$209,407Influenza VaccineCase15-1051V
$525,000Flu Vaccine/DeathCase 15-0514V
$400,000Tdap VaccineCase 13-337V
$200,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-661V
$340,000Flu Vaccine, TdapCase 15-1272V
$85,087Influenza VaccineCase 15-1235V
$150,000Influenza VaccineCase 16-172V
$104,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-934V
$140,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-1257V
$218,368Influenza VaccineCase 15-864V
$360,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-65
$235,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-940V
$280,000Flu VaccineCase 15-928V
$1.38 MillionInfluenza VaccineCase 13-781V
$175,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-1231V
$420,000 plus $3,550/mo annuityInfluenza VaccineCase 14-969V
$800,000Influenza VaccineCase 13-930V
$155,000Tdap VaccineCase 15-568V
$169,000Influenza VaccineCase 16-495V
$600,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-273V
$135,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-1228V
$111,000Influenza VaccineCase 16-48V
$100,000Flu VaccineCase 15-0366V
$100,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-1031V
$218,000 plus $6,000/yr annuityInfluenza VaccineCase 15-1289V
$86,000Flu, Tdap VaccinesCase 16-0339V
$180,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-0526V
$250,000Influenza VaccineCase 16-646V
$143,079Influenza VaccineCase 16-1057V
$345,000Tdap VaccineCase 15-1130V
$120,000Flu ShotCase 16-0652V
$800,000Influenza VaccineCase13-1018V
$81,000TdapCase 16-1699V
$81,000TdapCase 16-1699V
$210,000Flu VaccineCase 15-1246V
$150,000TdapCase 16-74V
$150,000Influenza VaccineCase 16-1389V
$20,000Influenza VaccineCase 15-1481V
$165,000Influenza VaccineCase 16-585V
$193,000InfluenzaCase 16-153V
$193,000InfluenzaCase 16-153V
$325,000Tetanus Diphtheria Acellular Pertussis (Tdap)Case 16-902V
$325,000Tetanus Diphtheria Acellular Pertussis (Tdap)Case 16-902V
$195,000Influenza VaccineCase 16-1040V
$355,000Flu ShotCase 16-564V
$125,000Influenza VaccineCase 16-132V
$850,000TDaPCase 12-124V
$180,720Influenza VaccineCase 16-1679V
$140,000Influenza VaccineCase 16-874V
$120,000InfluenzaCase 16-1562V
$683,309Flu VaccineCase 15-22V
$328,638Influenza VaccineCase 16-1476V
$65,000Influenza VaccineCase 12-462V
$125,000Tdap and Influenza VaccinesCase 16-1081V
$235,000Tdap VaccineCase 16-752V
$115,000InfluenzaCase 16-0574V
$115,000InfluenzaCase 16-0574V
$130,000Tetanus-Diptheria Acellular Pertussis (Tdap)Case 16-15V
$500,500Flu VaccineCase 16-1527v
$245,000InfluenzaCase 10-515V
$100,000PneumococcalCase 16-1315V
$231,335InfluenzaCase 17-922V
$115,000InfluenzaCase 17-0647V
$180,000InfluenzaCase 17-1414V
$160,000FluCase 17-636V
$50,000FluCase 16-1672V
$170,000FluCase 16-1627V
$180,000FluCase 16-1627v
$50,000InfluenzaCase 16-1672V
$160,000InfluenzaCase 17-636V
$115,000InfluenzaCase 17-1209V
$102,000FluCase 17-1320V
$85,000FluCase 17-1310v
$90,000FluCase 17-780v
$65,000Hepatitis BCase 17-515v
$525,600FluCase 17-0175v
$175,000FluCase 17-53V

FAQ About the Vaccine Injury Compensation Process

Yes. We advise that you DO NOT attempt to represent yourself in the National Vaccine Compensation Program.  Hiring a vaccine attorney comes at no cost to you because the Court pays for all legal fees.

There is NO cost to file a claim.  mctlaw does not charge its clients to represent them in cases brought under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. We do not take a percentage or contingency fee from your financial award. We are paid separately by the Court of Federal Claims at the conclusion of the case.

As a service to our clients, our Firm also covers the costs of litigating the case, such as filing fees, expert witness fees, travel expenses, etc. 

No. The Vaccine Court is located in Washington, DC and covers all vaccine injury claims in the United States. This is not a “local” case that a local personal injury lawyer should handle.   Our attorneys are ready to represent you no matter where you live in the United States and its territories.  Our attorneys come to you at or near your home so there is no need for you to travel to our offices in Washington, DC, Sarasota, FL, or Seattle, WA.

First, we need a copy of your vaccine record.  This tells us exactly what vaccines you got and when you got them.

Next, we’ll ask for copies of all relevant medical records and a list of every doctor or hospital where you’ve received treatment for your vaccine injury. 

We use this information to gather the remaining medical records on file at each location. 

We then turn over a copy of your complete and comprehensive medical records to the Court.

This process is designed to be quicker than civil litigation. With some exceptions, it usually is.

A hearing on whether the vaccine caused the injury often occurs within a year. Cases that settle can conclude in as little as a year or two. Other cases, despite our best efforts, can take several years.

Compensation includes monetary damages for pain and suffering, past and future medical expenses, past and future lost wages, and reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs. Compensation for pain and suffering is limited to a maximum of $250,000. There is no limit of compensation for medical expenses and lost wages.

How Our Vaccine Attorneys Can Help

Maglio Christopher & Toale, P.A. currently represents hundreds of patients across the United States who are suffering from Guillain-Barre Syndrome triggered by a vaccine reaction.

Our law firm’s vaccine attorneys obtain compensation for patients with vaccine injuries by filing a lawsuit in the United States Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C. The outcome of the lawsuit determines what kind of compensation a victim may receive.

Not all attorneys are able to practice law before the Federal Vaccine Court. That’s why you should hire an attorney with extensive experience in this area of law. These are not simple personal injury cases. They are medically and scientifically complex.

Reviewed by Anne Carrión Toale - Vaccine Injury Lawyer

Anne Carrión Toale
Anne Carrión Toale, Esq. is a vaccine injury attorney at Maglio Christopher & Toale, P.A. Anne helps vaccine injury clients get compensation from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) before the Vaccine Court in the United States Court of Federal Claims. Ms. Toale has served as past President of the Vaccine Injured Petitioners Bar Association, where she provided education and assistance to other attorneys throughout the United States practicing in the area of vaccine injury compensation.
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