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“Do no harm.”  That’s the oath doctors promise to their patients. It’s sacred and the basis of how all of us expect to be treated. But that promise does not always apply to the companies that make and sell joint implants. Often the oath of “do no harm” is overshadowed by corporate profit margins and greed. While doctors do their best to heal our bodies, sometimes the devices they use in surgery are what do the most harm.

If you or someone close to you is injured by a recalled Exactech implant, we may be able to help.

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The attorneys at mctlaw are currently representing people across the country who have recalled Exactech hip, ankle, and knee implants. The first Florida trial date is set for November 6th.

Patients from anywhere in the United States can file an Exactech claim in Florida because Exactech’s corporate headquarters are located here. 

Mctlaw attorney, Ilyas Sayeg won arguments to move all Florida Exactech lawsuits into a consolidated master case in the Eighth Judicial Circuit of Florida (Case No. 01-2022-CA-2670). The Court appointed Ilyas Sayeg, partner at mctlaw, as “Co-Lead” attorney of the FL consolidated exactech litigation (Case No. 01-2022-CA-2670). 

In his role as co-lead counsel, Sayeg will participate in status conferences and hearings, submit all motions and matters, and lead the implementation of the litigation plan. These duties are incredibly important to continue moving the case along in order to help Exactech plaintiffs get compensation as quickly as possible.

We encourage you to reach out if you’ve been injured by any type of device so our attorneys can review your case.

xray of defective metal on metal hip replacements

Exactech GXL Connexion Hip Replacement Recall

Exactech recalled their Connexion GXL hip replacement liners. Exactech notified the FDA that the plastic in the acetabular liners is wearing out faster than expected.

x-ray of defective Exactech Knee Replacement

Exactech Optetrak and Truliant Knee Recalls

Exactech’s OPTETRAK and TRULIANT Knee Replacement Systems are failing often and much earlier than their expected lifespan, leading to serious health risks and potentially complex revision surgery.

x-ray of Exactech ankle replacement

 Exactech Vantage Plastic Ankle Replacement Recalls

Exactech issues urgent ankle replacement recall for polyethylene inserts. Contact mctlaw immediately to help protect your rights and provide you with a free case review.

metal on metal hip replacements

Patients in jury trials across the country have won multimillion-dollar judgments for injuries caused by defective metal on metal hip replacements from multiple manufacturers. Mctlaw is one of the few law firms leading this litigation.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Exactech

What is Wrong with Exactech Hip and Knee Replacements? 

The plastic parts of the Exactech hip and knee implants were stored in defective packaging that let oxygen seep inside. The oxygen caused a chemical reaction in the plastic components that  weakened them, making them more likely to crack, break, and otherwise shed plastic particles into the body. 

Are Exactech Hip and Knee Replacements Recalled?

Yes. Several Exactech joint replacements have been recalled including the Connexion GXL hip replacement, the Vantage ankle replacement, and the Optetrak and Truliant knee replacements.

Can You Sue Exactech?

Yes. You can file a lawsuit against Exactech if you’ve been injured by a recalled Exactech hip, knee, or ankle replacement.  The attorneys at mctlaw are in lead positions in the national litigation over recalled Exactech joint replacements. The first trial is scheduled for November 6, 2023 in Florida. 

How Much is a Joint Replacement Lawsuit Worth? 

Settlement amounts vary based on the person and the injuries that they have received from a defective joint implant. However, juries have awarded millions of dollars to injured people in previous joint replacement lawsuits. Orthopedic manufacturers have paid out billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements over defective joint replacements. 

Why Hire Our Attorneys to Represent You in a Joint Replacement Case?

Attorneys at mctlaw are in leadership positions in the ongoing Exactech litigation. Attorney Ilyas Sayeg was instrumental in the fight to consolidate all Florida Exactech lawsuits into one master case.  That means that anyone across the country can file a lawsuit against Exactech in the company’s home state of Florida. The product liability legal team at mctlaw is one of the first to spearhead Exactech litigation on a national level. 

Is there a Deadline to File an Exactech Joint Replacement Claim? 

Yes, definitely. There is a limited period of time to file a lawsuit for injuries suffered as the result of a defective product. Do not wait to find out if you qualify to file a claim because it could hurt your case.

Will I Have Symptoms if Something is Wrong with My Exactech Joint Replacement?  

Not everyone experiences symptoms. Many patients will know that something is wrong with their Exactech implant because they feel joint pain, dislocations, joint squeaking and other clues. But it is possible to have tissue damage and other injuries without any clear physical symptoms at first.    

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Content Reviewed by Ilyas Sayeg – Medical Product Liability Lawyer

MCTLaw attorney Ilyas Sayeg

Ilyas Sayeg is a partner at mctlaw working in the Firm’s product liability and complex consumer protection practices representing clients with failing metal on metal hip replacements and recalled Exactech hip and knee implants. Mr. Sayeg represents “Davids” nationwide who are injured by defective medical products and deceptive business practices of the corporate “Goliaths” who put profit before safety. A passionate advocate, he takes pride in standing toe-to-toe against some of the largest companies in the world to help his clients seek justice. Mr. Sayeg is a member of the American Association for Justice.

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