Defective metal on metal hip implant xray

Bone Loss & Osteolysis Related to Metal on Metal Hip Replacements

What is Bone Loss or Osteolysis from Metal on Metal Hip Implants?

Bone loss is the destruction of bone around an implant. Bone loss is also called “osteolysis” or “aseptic osteolysis.” It is a common yet serious side-effect of Metal on Metal (MoM) hip replacements.

A leading cause of MoM hip failure is bone loss. In fact, according to the Rheumatology Network, “implant loosening resulting from aseptic osteolysis accounts for more than 75% of [implant] failures” (Rheumatology Network).

What Causes Bone Loss in Metal on Metal Hip Implant Patients?

The metal components of Metal on Metal hip implants rub against each other during regular daily use.  Due to this, tiny metal particles scrape off and enter the body, leading to bone loss.

There are different processes that can cause bone loss among MoM hip implant patients:

Inflammatory Response

  • When the harmful metal debris flake off the implant, it sometimes triggers your immune system.
  • This causes an intense inflammatory reaction in the tissues surrounding the metal implant.
  • Part of this inflammatory reaction is the destruction of bone tissue – kind of like an allergy to metal.
  • Doctors believe the majority of bone loss cases are due to this immune response.


  • Some patients appear to have an unusually high sensitivity to metal – kind of like an allergy to metal.
  • Doctors are not sure what causes this metal “allergy.”
  • Lab tests can determine whether or not you have a metal hypersensitivity, but are NOT required for obtaining a MoM implant.

Reduced Bone Formation

  • Bones are constantly in a balanced process of losing and gaining minerals.
  • When metal ions rub off the implant, they can enter the bone marrow.
  • Once in the bone marrow, the metal ions speed up the mineral loss and slow down the mineral gain.
  • This imbalance then causes bone loss.

What are the Health Complications of Bone Loss from Metal on Metal Hip Implants?

Bone loss has potential consequences that can be devastating and costly.  These include:

  • Loosening of hip components
  • Sciatica
  • Bone fractures
  • Infection

Overall, early diagnosis and treatment are key to avoiding serious consequences caused by bone loss.  Typically, MRIs, X-rays, and CT scans are required to diagnose bone loss.

Early diagnosis of bone loss can be challenging.  Symptoms don’t usually present until bone loss is already far along. For this reason, leading orthopedic surgeons recommend all patients with MoM hip implants get their blood metal ion levels tested every three months.

xray of defective metal on metal hip replacements
This scan shows a hip implant that was loosened due to bone loss

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Symptoms of Bone Loss from Metal on Metal Hip Implants

Like many other complications associated with Metal on Metal hip replacements, bone loss in the hip usually shows no symptoms. Actually, some people only notice symptoms when the bone loss becomes so extreme that the hip implant gets loose. 

Although bone loss does not necessarily have symptoms, there are other warning signs that might tell you if your implant is malfunctioning.

Other Signs your Hip Replacement if Failing:

  • Pain in the hip or groin
  • Lumps in the hip or groin
  • Vision loss
  • Hearing loss
  • Ringing in your ears
  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • Heart problems

How is Bone Loss From Metal on Metal Hip Implants Treated?

In the majority of cases, bone loss is treated with revision surgery.  During revision surgery, your surgeon will remove the damaged or loosened MoM implant and replace it with a new model, typically made of different material combinations.

Additionally, if the bone loss is caused by an inflammatory response, patients may also be prescribed medicines to reduce inflammation.

What to do if you Have Bone Loss From a Metal on Metal Implant?

If you have been diagnosed with bone loss from your Metal on Metal implant, there is a good chance you will have to get a revision hip surgery.

Additionally, if you do need a hip revision, you should contact a lawyer with experience filing lawsuits against MoM hip implant manufacturers.

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