J&J Pinnacle Metal on Metal Hip Replacement Lawsuits


There are several types of Pinnacle hip replacements. One type is the Ultamet, which uses a metal liner between the metal cup and metal ball parts of the hip replacement. Health complications happen with metal on metal hip replacements when the metal parts begin to rub against one another.


When metal on metal hip replacement parts rub against each other, they release microscopic metal ion particles into the bloodstream and the joints wear down. Many times, there are no symptoms but there can still be elevated levels of metal in your blood that leads to severe health complications, such as:


Metallosis is a type of metal poisoning. It involves a build-up of metal debris in the body’s soft tissue. These particles rot healthy red tissue and muscle around the hip replacement and turn it into a dead mass of gray gunk. This causes pain and loss of mobility, among other issues.

Cobalt Chromium Poisoning

Cobalt chromium poisoning is when there are elevated amounts of cobalt and chromium metals in the bloodstream. The level for those with metal on metal hip replacements is usually slightly higher than normal, but it can progress to a dangerous level and pose health risks.

Other Side Effects:

– Inflammation in the tissues around the joint
Bone loss
– Loosening of the device
Metal Allergy (ARMD or ALVAL)
– Neurological issues
– Heart complications/failure
Revision Surgery

If you’ve had a Metal-on-Metal hip replacement, it’s extremely important to see your doctor and get blood tests.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the Pinnacle hip replacement in 2000. It was approved through the FDA’s grandfather clause, meaning it was similar enough to another already approved hip replacement that it didn’t have to go through extensive testing.

DePuy created a similar hip replacement to the Pinnacle around the same time and in 2013 it was recalled because of the severe injuries it caused. Despite having the same problems as the recalled hip replacement in 2013, the Pinnacle has never been recalled.


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Why you Should Contact an Attorney Right Now, Even if you Don't Have Symptoms

Even if you don’t have symptoms right now, it’s important to at least talk to an attorney about your metal on metal hip replacement. There are deadlines to file your case and your attorney can make sure you don’t miss these dates.

mctlaw is one of the nation’s leading law firms handling Metal-on-Metal joint replacement cases. We filed the FIRST Metal-on-Metal hip implant lawsuit in the United States and have worked to litigate these cases ever since.

Metal on Metal Hip Replacement Cases FILED BY MCTLAW Across the United States

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$120 Million Settlement with 46 US States - January 2019

DePuy agrees to a $120 million settlement with the attorneys general of 46 U.S. states. The states said Depuy misled patients by claiming their hip replacements would last much longer than they did.  That promise turned into a nightmare for patients who suddenly need another hip replacement surgery just a few years after the first one. The lawsuits alleged that  DePuy engaged in unfair and deceptive sales practices with ASR XL and Pinnacle Ultamet hip replacements.

$247 Million Jury Verdict - November 2017

In a unanimous verdict, a Dallas jury told Johnson & Johnson and Depuy Orthopedics to pay $247 million to 6 people hurt by the defective Pinnacle hip implant.  This is the 3rd trial in a row where a jury sided with the patients over the corporations.  Our attorneys believe this verdict is a good sign for all victims of metal on metal hip implants.  These hips are defective, they are hurting thousands of people across the country, and juries are siding with the little guys in this David and Goliath fight.

$1 Billion Jury Verdict - December 2016

On December 1, 2016, a jury returned an astounding $1 billion verdict in favor of 6 people injured by the Pinnacle hip replacement. This is the largest award ever handed down in any metal on metal hip trial. It’s the second time in only 8 months that a jury has awarded a verdict meant to punish the company for how it handled these defective hips. Attorneys at Maglio Christopher and Toale, P.A. believe this sends a strong message to DePuy and J&J that it’s time to start settling these cases instead of losing billions of dollars in trials.  Juries are not showing sympathy for these huge companies when they see the physical damage their implants have caused to the patients who trusted them.

$500 Million Dollar Jury Verdict - March 2016

In March 2016 a jury awarded a nearly $500 million dollar verdict to 5 victims of defective Pinnacle hip replacements.  The verdict included $360 million in punitive damages. This was a resounding victory for all of the victims of defective metal on metal hips.  You can read the entire Pinnacle hip trial verdict form here.