CDC Announces Changes to 2014 Adult Immunization Schedule


There are a few new recommendations for this year’s adult immunization schedule.  Each year, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices reviews the schedule and suggests any possible changes, and the group recently released its suggestions for 2014.  Among the key changes are revised notes on administering vaccines for several illnesses, including the flu, HPV, pneumococcal disease, and meningococcal disease.

Some of the recommendations are more notable than others.  For instance, the guidelines for flu have been amended to show that recombinant influenza and inactivated influenza vaccines can now be used on people with a hives-only allergy to eggs, as these vaccines contain no egg protein.

Other Changes

Other changes include revising the language concerning Tdap and Td vaccines to make sure they fit with the recommendations given in the CDC’s pediatric immunization schedule.  Similar changes were also made to clear up discrepancies concerning the HPV vaccine, with additional information being given to help clarify timing between the second and third doses.  In addition, it is no longer considered necessary for health care workers to receive the HPV or zoster virus (shingles) vaccines and the guidelines have been updated to reflect this.

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