Attorney’s Fees – Paralegal/Clerical, Duplicative or Unnecessary Tasks


Guerrero v. HHS, No. 12-689V (Fed. Cl. Spec. Mstr. May 22, 2015) (Moran)

Attorneys’ fees decision on remand, after CFC, vacated prior fee decision.  In the lodestar analysis, hourly rates were not at issue but a reasonable number of hours was in dispute.  In its decision, the court 1) reduced the number of hours billed for various tasks the court thought should have been performed more quickly; 2) recharacterized certain attorney time entries as paralegal tasks, compensating them at a lower rate; 3) subtracted fees for tasks considered clerical or administrative; 4) subtracted fees for tasks considered duplicative or unnecessary, and 4) subtracted fees for tasks which the court thought were not typically billed by other attorneys.

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