Japan No Longer Recommends HPV Vaccination for Girls


The Japanese government says it will no longer recommend HPV vaccination for girls, according to reports in Medscape.com.   News reports say the Japanese public is concerned about the adverse effects from the cervical cancer vaccine.  The Japanese Health Ministry will not promote the use of the HPV vaccines until more research is done about the adverse effects of them.  Reactions to the vaccines include long-term pain and numbness.

Japanese Media Reports

According to the Japanese newspaper, The Asahi Shimbun, “it is rare for the ministry to withdraw a recommendation for a vaccine that is used regularly by local governments and is spelled out in a law.”  The media agency reports that the health ministry is reviewing 43 cases of numbness and pain reported after HPV vaccination.  The investigation is expected to take several months.  That’s when the Japanese Health Ministry will decide whether or not to recommend the vaccine again.

Japanese girls and women will still be able to get the vaccine, but they will be told that the HPV shot is not recommended by the health ministry.

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