Ashley Bernhardt

Content Writer

Sarasota, FL


Ashley Bernhardt is a Content Writer for the Maglio Christopher & Toale Law firm. She earned her degree in Creative Writing from Purchase College’s limited writers’ program just outside of Manhattan, NY. Prior to her time at mctlaw, Ms. Bernhardt was a legal/marketing assistant at a property law firm and a production intern for a television studio. She has also hosted several podcasts over the years.

Ms. Bernhardt was born on (yes, on not in!) Long Island, NY and bounced around from New York to Nashville, TN to finally settling down in Sarasota, FL, having missed the ocean but not willing to freeze to death in the winters anymore. When she’s not working, she spends most of her time hanging with her partner and their majestic goofballs of a dog and cat, Ace and Miles. She enjoys film, television, novels, video games (basically every consumable media), and trips to Disney.