Jennifer Guetierrez MCTLaw Paralegal

Jennifer L. Gutierrez


Sarasota, FL

Jennifer L. Gutierrez is a Certified Paralegal in the Sarasota, Florida office of the Maglio Christopher & Toale Law Firm where she assists clients that have suffered adverse reactions to vaccinations.  With over a decade of experience as a litigation paralegal, Ms. Gutierrez is adept at listening to and working with clients who are facing tough challenges in their lives.  Ms. Gutierrez holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of South Florida, cum laude; an Associate of Arts degree in Paralegal Studies from Keiser University, cum laude; and an Associate of Arts degree in English Literature from the State College of Florida, cum laude.

Ms. Gutierrez is certified as a Paralegal by the National Association of Legal Assistants (“NALA”).  To achieve the certification, Ms. Gutierrez successfully completed the two-day Certified Paralegal examination administered by NALA.  Established in 1976, the Certified Paralegal examination program is a voluntary professional credentialing program developed by NALA and administered by a board composed of paralegals, members of the American Bar Association, and educators active in paralegal training.

Ms. Gutierrez is currently a Co-Chair of the Editorial Committee for the PAF Suncoast Chapter Newsletter IN RE, Suncoast Review, and is a recipient of the 2016 Paralegal Association of Florida’s Professional Development Scholarship Award.  In 2016 the Paralegal Association of Florida, Suncoast Chapter, published an article written by Ms. Gutierrez about career advice when transitioning to a position in a new law firm.