Mctlaw’s tribal gaming practice helps bridge the gaps between the federal government, state government, tribe, business, and consumers. The casino and gaming industry rules and regulations are complex. Indian gaming adds an additional layer that can be nearly impossible to navigate. Our firm handles several different aspects of Indian gaming to simplify the process.

Drafting Tribal Gaming Codes and Regulations

Strong tribal gaming ordinances and regulations prevent theft, improve gaming operation performance, and reduce the need for enforcement activity by state and federal regulators. Members of mctlaw’s Indian law group have extensive experience writing and fine-tuning Indian gaming codes and regulations to achieve the best possible tribal licensing and oversight of both gaming employees and casino management. Talk to us about getting a flat-rate quote that will cover the entire project, all the way through final adoption by the tribal government or the tribal gaming commission.

Negotiating Class III Gaming Compacts with State Governments

The Indian law group at mctlaw has negotiated recent Tribal-State Gaming Compacts and Compact Amendments with states from Washington to Oklahoma. With new issues such as sports betting and mobile gaming on the table, the next generation of Class III compacts in each state is very different than early IGRA compacts. We can make sure your tribe leaves the negotiating table in a great position to take full advantage of the future of Indian gaming.

Read how mctlaw Attorneys Help Small Tribes Enter the Gaming Market Over Opposition from Oklahoma’s Big Money Tribes.

Advising Tribal Regulators on Compliance Matters

Sometimes, tribal gaming commissions need a little outside assistance. We can step in where things get unusually complex or politically charged. Our approach always involves the right amount of diplomacy to achieve a good result and ensure consistently strong compliance with consistently strong revenue generation.

Working with Casino Management and Finance Partners

At mctlaw, our attorneys have represented tribal development boards, gaming authorities, or other casino management entities. Whether the issue is compliance, patron disputes, or negotiating vendor contracts, we can help tribal gaming operations increase the bottom line and succeed at generating revenue for the tribal government.

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