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Once again, problems with metal on metal hip replacements become a major storyline in a medical TV drama.

Last week on the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, the show revealed that one of the main characters, Doctor Richard Webber, was diagnosed with cobalt poisoning from a metal on metal hip replacement. The dramatic diagnosis came after many episodes of trying to find a cause for Webber’s mysterious medical conditions. The Episode is titled: “DeLuca Makes an Incredible Diagnosis.”

After this Grey’s Anatomy episode aired on Thursday night, mctlaw saw a huge spike in traffic to our website from people searching for information about cobalt poisoning from metal on metal hips.  So we’re taking this opportunity to give you the real story behind the problems with metal on metal hip replacements.

Watch clips from the episode and hear from mctlaw’s metal on metal hip litigation team about the current status of these lawsuits.

Metal on Metal Hips on Medical Drama TV Shows

This is not the first time real-life problems with metal on metal hips made their way into TV dramas.  In 2014, an episode of the TV medical drama, House, helped a German doctor diagnose one of his patients with cobalt poisoning from his hip replacement. The patient and the character on the show both had the same symptoms. 

Click below to watch a clip from this episode of Grey's Anatomy