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Attorney Altom Maglio Attends Pinnacle Trial in Dallas

Attorney Altom Maglio, who filed the first of the current metal-on-metal hip lawsuits in the United States, is in Dallas, TX this week attending the Pinnacle hip trial.  Mr. Maglio, and co-counsel Brian Franciskato feel strongly that to best represent their Pinnacle and ASR hip clients they need to be in the courtroom during the bellwether trial.  Altom Maglio offers this live legal analysis of the case.

DePuy Says Surgeons to Blame- Not Pinnacle Hip Design

Earlier today at the metal on metal DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement trial, two orthopedic surgeons who had raised issues with the safety of the device were called “outliers” by DePuy and blamed for failures of the device.  The manufacturer of the device also indicated that it planned to blame the failure of the two hip replacements implanted in the plaintiff on a third orthopedic surgeon.

Lead trial counsel for DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company, repeatedly asked DePuy executive Pamela Plouhar questions critical of leading British orthopedic surgeon Tony Nargol.  Mr. Nargol (British surgeons are referred to as “mister”) had been an early major user of the metal on metal Pinnacle hip replacements and a DePuy consultant before he stopped using the product and alerted DePuy that a high number of his patient’s hips were failing.  In questioning today, DePuy blamed Mr. Nargol for the failure rate, denying that the problem was with the Pinnacle metal on metal hip replacement.  Counsel for DePuy asked the witness regarding Mr. Nargol’s surgeries “You want to know why Dr. Nargol can’t get it right?”

DePuy’s lawyers and company executive Pamela Plouhar also told the jury that an American orthopedic surgeon was at fault for a high failure rate of the metal on metal Pinnacle in his patients.  The testimony focused on John F. Irving, M.D., a board certified, Mayo Clinic trained orthopedic surgeon who is an Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the Yale University School of Medicine.  Dr. Irving had been selected by DePuy to provide data on the success of the metal on metal Pinnacle hip replacement.  There was testimony that when his patient’s hip replacement began failing at a rate greater than he expected, Dr. Irving became concerned and contacted DePuy.  He did this repeatedly.  Pamela Plouhar testified that Dr. Irving was the reason for the failures, not the Pinnacle metal on metal hip replacement.

DePuy Legal Strategy Likely to Blame Plaintiff’s Surgeon for Pinnacle Hip Problems

Toward the end of the day, it became apparent that DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. would be blaming the surgeon that implanted the Pinnacle metal on metal hips in Plaintiff Kathleen Herlihy-Paoli for the failure of those hip replacements.  DePuy identified David H. Allmacher, M.D., as the surgeon that implanted both Pinnacle metal on metal hips in the plaintiff.  DePuy indicated that Dr. Allmacher had improperly positioned both cups, causing them to fail.

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  1. Judi Hammond

    How many employees, and by all means, the corporate big wigs, would trust the Depuy Pinnacle if they happened to need a hip replacement? I had an implant at the end of 2008, told my surgeon that “something” was wrong in Aug, 2010 and was told there was “nothing wrong…it was in there just fine”. So, for the last nearly 6 years these metals have literally been eating me from the inside out. The surgeon who performed the revision in April of this year (I had two dislocations in four days!) said he never saw anything like it. Muscle and bone loss. Necrosis of tissue and tendons. I now do not have the muscles to be able to make a complete recovery and have tried weeks of physical therapy and also water therapy. I don’t believe I will ever walk normal again.
    It is not the surgeons who are incorrectly placing the implants, it is definitely a designer flaw in the Pinnacle itself…just as there was with the ASR.

  2. Anonymous

    I had the same thing happened to me. With the Va Hosp here in Detroit in 2006 I kept complain about my right hip after being implanted with the depuy pinnacle. The Dr kept telling me the xrays look fine. Until the recall of the depuy xl. I finally had that piece of junk removed in 2012 and feel much better now. So it’s not the doctors it’s the depuy pinnacle

  3. hope

    I know exactly what you are talking about I had my hip done 2007 one later I told my doctor that something was wrong for four years I suffer with pain until I could not take it no more I got mad at my doctor he then order a blood test which show my cobalt level very I had the revision in 2011 and is still in lots of pain it’s not the doctor’s fault it’s depuy johnson and Johnson they just don’t care who they hurt to get paid and make money I hope these judge’s really make them start to check the safety of these devices because amount of money can give a person back his are her life’s especially when you’re still young

  4. hope

    I mean no amount of money can’t give a person back his are her life’s my pain is so bad it in my butt straight down my legs and groin

  5. Sharron

    I agree with everyone. It wasn’t the surgeons fault. What about the metal poisoning? I had my metal hip replacement in 2007, in 2011 I knew something was
    wrong with me, I was seeing double, having problems with my memory and my hearing. I am an RN and I lost my job because of these problems. When
    I had labs done they found toxic levels of chromium and cobalt that were continuing to go up. The Doctors all told me that I was fine. I felt sedated all of the
    time and was afraid the metal was going to kill me. Finally after going to 3 surgeons, I convinced Stanford University that I needed the hip removed. They
    did and I feel they saved my life. At that point the hip was fractured, making a clicking noise and was ready to dislocate. I also had necrotic tissue, in my
    thigh, damaged muscle and it was difficult to heal. Took 6 months before I could walk without a cane and a lot of physical therapy. So give me a break, blame
    Johnson & Johnson not the Doctors!

  6. Byron Goff

    I had similar issues. I had both hips replaced in Nov 2011. My cobalt and chromium levels were in high normal range, but I had pain that began about a year after the surgery and continued to worsen until I had to discontinue a lot of the activities I enjoy. I had x rays and MRI. My doctor said everything looked normal. Finally, I had a bone scan and the doctor said it showed increased activity around the stem. Now, he believes that my stem is loose in the upper 1/3 and the lower 2/3 is imbedded in my femur. In a week, I will have a revision surgery on the left hip.

    My right hip is aching and the doctor said the x rays show the hip is fine. However, I think it’s following the same progression as the left hip based on the symptoms I’m experiencing.

    Depuy did a great sales job on the doctors. Many of them still believe metal-on-metal is the panacea for THR.
    They have a difficult time believing the symptoms are as severe as they are.

  7. Anonymous

    I got a pinnacle hip in 2002, within 3 months I started saying something was wrong. At every dr appt, X-rays were done, all was well, so said my surgeon. Fast forward to November 2005, my hip dislocated and broke inside me. I had to have a revision. My surgeon had no idea why this had happened. Within a few months, same pain and slipping started, dr said it’s fine . Summer of 2010 I see ad about ASR hip lawsuit. I ordered my op reports, my hip turned out to be pinnacle. The first one and the second one. I now have do much pain, I have gone on disability and stay depressed all the time. I have cobalt and chromium blood poisoning and can not get another revision. This is j&j and deputy’s culpability, I hope they pay dearly .

  8. Marty

    I was also implanted bi-laterally with the Pinnacle utilizing the Ultamet (metal) liners.
    These were implanted into me unknowingly at a V.A. Hospital in 2007 and 2009. I was only told I was getting “The Cadillac of implants” which made me feel “special.”
    They used me as a guinea pig trying out “FDA uncleared and unapproved” 40mm femoral heads and 40mm metal liners. This bearing combination had never been FDA approved/cleared, nor did Depuy Orthopedics seek approval.
    The “theory” was that the use of large diameter “balls” (>36mm) would cause fewer dislocations and last longer.

    However, the world’s largest U.K. Regulatory agency (MHRA) and British Hip Society had called for a BAN on large diameter (36MM) due to early failure and high cobalt/chromium blood levels. Unlike the U.S. they have been tracking and monitoring over 1 Million implantees for the past 15 years.
    There IS a murky relationship between Industry and the FDA and “Rock Star” orthopedic surgeons who designed them and profited handsomely.
    Refer to Dr. Steven Tower- an Alaskan Orthopedic surgeon who was also a “victim” of a Depuy ASR metal-on-metal hip replacement. His early failure also resulted in revision surgery. He sheds light on the Corruption that exists in the U.S. Orthopedic controlling bodies and FDA.
    Shortly after my 2nd total hip replacement in 2009, I began complaining of pain, inability to walk more than 150′ without resting, nor able to stand more than 15 minutes. As a contractor, I was forced into early retirement at age 62. I had been in Excellent health except for osteoarthritis. I had been an athlete and contractor most of my adult life.
    In 2011, I requested a referral back to Orthopedics from my local primary care V.A. physician. I was told my implants were fine and I had Rheumatoid Arthritis (R.A.) despite negative bloodwork, for which I was treated with Prednisone and Opiates to alleviate the pain I was experiencing.
    A year later I developed cardiovascular problems (5 day local hospital stay) including unexplained shortness of breath, an 8-day hospital stay for Vertigo, lost the vision in my left eye -current 10/200 vision (never wore glasses), an audiogram confirmed the Tinnitus I had been experiencing keeping me awake at night. I also developed peripheral neuropathy (numbness in all my extremities)-not diabetic. A whole laundry list of other systemic illnesses directly related to toxic levels of cobalt/chromium in my bloodstream, including vomiting, metallic taste in my mouth, chronic fatigue, etc. I was homebound using a wheelchair. STILL NO REFERRAL until I learned in 2013 I had been implanted with these m-o-m devices thanks to my daughter.
    When I asked the V.A. to do “trace metal analysis” (cobalt/chromium) bloodwork and a “Mars” MRI as recommended by the FDA and Depuy, I was told the V.A. did Neither! I was even refused the necessary Prescription to have this done “on my dime.”
    Ultimately, I was “outsourced” by the V.A. to have revision surgeries done privately. Pathology confirmed Metallosis in retrieved tissues. In addition to having high cobalt/chromium blood levels, a Metal-LTT blood test confirmed my having a metal hypersensitivity reaction resulting in a delayed T-cell Type-IV autoimmune disorder.
    Orthopedics Analysis in Chicago (Rush Univ) does this test and Medicare does cover the cost even though I was also told by the V.A. that it didn’t when I requested it.
    In Sept 2013, my local private revision surgeon indicated in his Surgical Report that my implants had also been improperly positioned: “highly abducted, retroverted” as did the private Radiologist. This results in “edge loading” causing excessive amounts of cobalt/chromium to be released in the bloodstream and surrounding tissues which resulted in a poor outcome of revision surgery. I remain homebound a year later, after 7 months of physical therapy.
    The success of revision surgery is highly dependent upon early intervention, when one first experiences pain and loss of mobility.
    I feel I could have had a better outcome had I been referred back to Ortho years earlier when I asked to be.
    Today, the V.A. still refuses to monitor Vets with metal-on-metal hip implants- no blood tests nor imaging other than X-rays which do not paint the whole picture.
    When my wife and I confronted a V.A. Patient Advocate recently, we were told “They don’t have the manpower to address this.” I showed her Medical Device Alerts dating back 4 years. SAD for other Vets who are being misdiagnosed and compromising the success of revision surgery should they be fortunate to tie their illnesses/symptoms to being poisoned!

  9. Jon Darius Montgomery

    Hi All

    I had the Pinnacle pimped out to me in 2005 by a surgeon who assured me that I would be pain-free for the next 35 years. Nevertheless, I have been in excruciating pain and have been wrestling with orthopedic surgeons since October of 2009 and with every X-ray I was told that they didn’t “see” anything wrong and made hints leaning towards suspected drug abuse. I have been entered into a pain management database and because of the many failures of multiple surgeons to “see” Chromium and Cobalt poisoning on X-ray, I have been deemed as a doctor-shopping drug addict who can no longer be served by the wonderful WALGREEN’S corporation. Finally, after seeing 14 different orthopedic specialist, in 2014 my present surgeon suspected metal poisoning and performed a revision surgery in August. Unfortunately, because of the “FIVE” years of misdiagnosis, my healthier hip is now failing due to carrying the brut of all my weight. Also, due to limping for five years, I now have back problems. Thanks Johnson and Johnson….I hope you rot in hell 🙁

  10. Anonymous

    So depuy thinks all of these drs r at fault and none of them know how to insert these devices…I went thru the exact same thing. I told dr my hip had multiple clicking and he said that was normal…I didn’t think so.

  11. Barb

    i had my hip replaced in 2008 with what was the best replacement going, or so i was told. the pinnacle hip cost me my sight and my career as a nurse. it started giving me problems in 2010 and went to my surgeon, he said everything was fine. When i called to make an appointment because it was getting worse, the surgeon was not available. I went to another surgeon in another state he said there was inflammation and he stepped out of room. He called Johnson and Johnson and stated they would not allow a test for metal poisoning to be done. I then tried another surgeon in my home state and he stated metal levels were high but not high enough to remove the implant. I finally contacted a surgeon in nyc and he did the revision. Johnson and Johnson is a disgrace to the medical profession and should be made to pay everyone and their families for the pain and suffering that we have all had to endure

  12. Anonymous

    If i remember correctly my husbands was 15 months from the time he got implant to the time he got revision.

  13. Anonymous

    Amazing. I had the pleasure of being on a live worldwide surgery for the doctor and hospital to promote their grestness. It was a pinnacle and a year later it started falling off my hip, had 10 dislocations. Oddly enough, the surgeon and hospital had a lapse in memory about me being the guy that was still in their commercial all over the internet. They let me have 10 dislocations rather then admit the part failed. An out of town surgeon had to revise it and pull that junk out.

  14. John Smith

    Has anyone checked to see if the Dallas jurors that bought the “surgeon was at fault” J&J storyline are all riding around in new SUVs? J&J has billions riding on these trials and 12million to buy a jury would be cheap. Something made them ignore the other 7000 patients that have failed hips that needed revision – quess they all had bad docs too. Surely there is a way to check to see if the Dallas jury all won the lottery.

  15. Anonymous

    I had the Pinnacle put in in May, 2007. By 2010 I was undergoing much pain. The hip began clicking as I walked. I underwent a blood test for metal poisoning detection and was found to have 100 x’s more chromium and cobalt than was supposed to be in humans.I had a revision surgery done in June, 2014. The orthopedist told me that I had the largest pseudo-tumor he had ever seen. It destroyed my anterior and posterior wall and ate up a lot of bone. Since the revision surgery my hip has dislocated and the acetabulum has broken. I am headed to the hospital today because I am in pain again and am pretty sure my acetabulum has fractured again. J&J should be shut down and the billions they are worth should be divided among those of us who are continually suffering from the after affects. 250k is a joke!

  16. Maglio Christopher & Toale, P.A.

    We understand the urgency of your situation. One of our staff will contact you right away via thre email address you submitted to get more information about your MoM hip so we can tell you about your options. Please call our office at 888-952-5245 if you want to speak with us immediately.
    Thank you for reaching out.
    Maglio Christopher & Toale, P.A.

  17. Anonymous

    Mine too

  18. Sharron wilcox

    Hi barb,
    Just wanted you to know I was an RN also that lost her job over my hip. The metal caused me to have double vision, hearing loss and memory loss. My levels of chromium and cobalt were so high I felt like I was,sedated all of the time. I had,to fight for my life to get the revision. Why don’t the courts ficus on our metal poisonong? That,wasn’t the,surgeons faults.

  19. Albert

    When the ASR hip was settled each recipient was awarded $250000 for the initial hip . When the lawyers were done and unbelievable deductions were taken out .The recipient had %100 of the worry and suffering in most case got less then half the award .What a joke I hope the Pinnacle hip survivors do not settle with the behind door deals and let a jury decide . There should be punitive damages plus pain and suffering for the lives they have ruined and disabled for life .Do not let J&J put you in the take our leave deal .Get time schedule on payments J&J does what they want and when they want to pay takes years . The whole settlement was BS with the ASR hip

  20. Anonymous

    I hope pinnacle hip plaintiffs .Do not take a BS deal like the ASR did..Do not let J&J settle for a behind close door deal. They will try and offer a take our leave it . Let a court decide .The ASR settlement was $250000 .The plaintiffs got about 50% with lawyers fees and BS deductions. .Also get a pay schedule J&J does and pays when they want .

  21. Linda

    You can certainly see a different surgeon. Why did they say you can’t get another revision?

  22. Linda

    After about 11 years of mysterious illnesses, I finally figured out the cause. There is no amount of money that can give restitution for the damage done to so many peoples lives! Hopefully the jurors will see through the B.S. of the J&J attorneys. But I have lost faith.

  23. Anonymous

    II hope the plaintiffs in the Pinnacle hip case do not go a similar no real choice offer like the ASR case did .Still waiting to get paid J&J does what they want when they want J&J settle for $250000 for a normal hip replacement .Patients got about half after all the Bullshit deductions and lawyers fees for all the pain and suffering with many being disabled for life and a lot still waiting to get paid .The lawyers in the ASR case made behind door deals and did a piss poor job. Pinnacle plaintiffs make a jury decide this case so you are get taken advantage by J&J

  24. Anonymous

    J&J will spent millions not to pay .They should be found guilty of punitive damages for what they did to people lives no amount of money will bring that back what they have taken away from plaintiffs and families it is criminal what they have done .

  25. Anonymous

    Johnson and Johnson does not want to admit the truth, they paid Surgeons millions of Dollars to promote there product the Pinnacle hip implant as the best Implant on the market, not only were they wrong by not getting the device FDA approved, but by buying the Integrity of are Surgeons, And using there talents against them, blaming there failed product, or the installation, on the very Surgeons they paid to promote them, This is pure Greed at its finest , the restitution owed the patients that have suffered should be in the hundreds of millions of dollars each, it’s time the patients say No to there back door deals, each patient should go to there own Jury Trial, and let the Jurors see and hear the truth, only takes one case to win, and that sets the stage..

  26. Anonymous

    Fortune 500 company can buy there way out, they are pros, shoot for the moon and settle for less quietely, behind closed doors, they did it with the ASR. They will do it again, each patient that has suffered should receive the millions they paid Doctors to Lie to us about there pinnacle hip implant, they lied to themselves, they should be made examples of, these manufactures will think twice before not testing and paying Doctors to Lie to us, award the plaintiffs Millions of dollars each, anyone that contends that decision can get a free pair of slightly used Pinnacle inserts, 31 good years left in them, according to J&J.

  27. JG

    My wife died from the poisoning from chromium and cobalt. But get a medical team to admit that!!! She had the first surgery. Of course only 2 years and that failed. A revision was done and that failed. We went to another super star surgeon. He stated that the metal poisoning had killed the supporting tissue/muscle that supported the hip. Just imagine that poison flowing through your heart, liver, brain, and other vital organs. February 28, 2015 my wife died from an unknown lung disease. Her lungs hardened up to the point that she could no longer breathe. She spent 5 of the last 6 weeks of her life sedated in the hospital until she could no longer get oxygen. Her organs started shutting down. I don’t care who rules or how they deny what happened. I expect nothing less and I will go to my grave believing that J&J killed my wife with their defective product.

  28. Kenny


  29. Anonymous

    There seems to be no justice for the plaintiffs in these MDL behind back door settlements on theses MOM hip no exposure covered up by J&J as the leader spending million to defend themselves with loophole and delays then offers take it or leave it deals After the plaintiffs broke and beaten and facing many years of delays and appeals kind of BS justice is this. Even if you take the settlement J&J does and pay when they want. When all said and done plaintiffs get less then half of the awards when the lawyers and the BS deductions are deducted.
    I hope they go for the throat punitive damages everything in the Texas case let a jury decide no back door deals .

  30. Anonymous

    I am no lawyer but smart enough to know J&J with all their money are taking advantage of all of us with Their ASR AND PINNACLE MOM hips settlements. Behind closed doors with no exposure to the public 35000 ASR defective hips in the USA 96000 Worldwide. Plus 1000s of the Pinnacle hip that have crippled people ruined family’s and lives Where is the justice behind closed doors

  31. Ed

    This has quite significantly and negatively impacted my personal and professional life for the past 10 years, not to mention the heavy toll and associated negative impacts on my family, along with the monetary and other personal costs associated with 5 surgeries on the right hip in as many years. I was on crutches for over six months in 2010 for three surgeries. The muscles in my right leg are still very atrophied and I have a significant limp and impairment causing significant pain in the lower back and hip that has required multiple sessions of physical therapy. I am pretty beat up mentally also after doing this for so long and so many times. I also want to mention the impact professionally. I am viewed as handicapped by my condition, frequently being on crutches and missing work due to the hospitalizations. This has undoubtedly hindered my career progression.

  32. Anonymous

    I’m so glad Mark Lanier is lead counsel. Right man for the job. I have been following the 2016 trial, and things look strong for the Pinnacle plaintiffs. I smell a settlement offer soon.

  33. Deborah Pate

    As I sit and read all of your reports I’m heart broken. Not only for myself and my own family but for everyone of you and yours. I too have suffered greatly from the MOM pinnacle implant. I can’t even begin to tell my story it’s way too long. I’ll try to give the short version. My right hip collapsed in 2007, the surgeon implanted it with the MOM pinnacle. From day one I ran high fever. After 2 wks in hospital was sent to rehab, but wasn’t getting better, couldn’t raise my foot enough to even get into a shower. After 3 mos they released me. Within a yr my hip was popping, clicking and the pain was horrible. Still on a cane I began to stumble and fall a lot. My surgeon refused to see me again. My whole body was inflamed at night my fever would get up to 103 and 104. Never had trouble bef but my eye site began to fail. My body became weak. I found a new surgeon did a bone scan. Said the implant was loose and out of the socket. He ordered another pennical hip because he didn’t want to break my femur to get rod out of the bone in my leg, wanted them to match up, was his reason. Said I was too weak to under go that also. My operative report states he got handfuls of metal shavings and blackish grey matter from around the socket. He couldn’t get the implant to fit correctly because the cup kept retroverting. Closed me up. Said he did his best. Still in pain and limping even more my fever was shooting up so high I became lethargic, and more weak, very depressed also. The surgeon finally sent me to an infectious disease dr. He discovered the metal poisoning. My cobolt and chromium levels were 88 times more then normal. Several months later I had a blood clot just below my groin area under the implant hip. It clipped the side of my heart causing scar tissue. I now suffer from sever chest pain which goes through to my back. A few yrs ago I was diagnosed with Lupus. I’ve been in and out of the hospital and just finished a 28 day physical therapy in house rehab because I had become bed ridden. My left hip began hurting severely during this rehab stay. I had a MRI and the results are in. Ystd saw a different hip surgeon and he explained I’ve had to put so much weight on my left hip last 7 yrs, it now needs a total replacement. He xrayed my right hip also. The implant has turned out away from the socket and he thinks it’s also infected and the muscle is damaged. I was 42 yrs old when this all began. Playing volleyball, riding horses, 4 wheeler, taking dance lessons with my husband. Gardening and keeping up with my grandchildren. Now I can barely walk. My pain is horrible. I go in and out of major depression periods. J and J can never repay what they have taken from me and my family. God bless all of you. I’m praying we all get a decent sum and that J and J also get what they deserve. They should not only be financially liable but also criminally liable for killing and intentionally hurting so many. D.P

  34. Cindy

    I had bilateral Pinnacle MOM hips, and had pain from the start. I could only walk a short distance without having to stop…my hips would feel hot, like they were rubbing together when I walked. I had metal poisoning, double vision, and bouts of running fevers and feeling sick to my stomach. I did not understand what the metal poisoning was doing to my body. I went to my doctor and my doctor diagnosed me with Rheumatoid Arthritis, but it did not show up in my bloodwork…only in the XRays. When I had both of my hips revised, the Rheumatoid Arthritis stopped, almost overnight. I have had no more bouts since 2014. A doctor at the hospital told me that this had also happened to others. I have also had cardiac problems, a very rapid heartrate and blocked arteries, since having those wonderful Cadillac Pinnacle Hips.

  35. Tami

    I cant believe how all these stories are so sumilar to my own. Is it even possible that we ALL had inept drs? My opinion is unlikely!!!

  36. Anonymous

    They should check on the first case jurors. I cant believe they can manufacture thousands of defective part in uk and no one is accountable? We need justice now not some situation that helps Johnson and toxcin.

  37. Denise Lynch

    I totally agree as the same thing has happened to me. Cant figure out how they think it is one doctors fault when it occurred in such high numbers all over the world! 2 revisions and still can’t walk right. I am praying that they are held accounted for all or our grief, pain, lost wages and forever changing our lives.. God bless you all that have suffered as a result of deputy’s arrogance.


    I too had a pinn. in 2004 my Dr.gave me a tape to look at it seemed like a dream came true.They did the surgery and sent me to a rehab. center after a few days they said would have me walking in know time.Well I wasn’t I got a fever which they couldn’t explained and I was really sick.i could hardly get to the bathroom I couldn’t eat let alone eat and they got made at me they said I wasn’t trying.They took me down to the emergency room like I was contagious or something.I wanted to be released back to the hosp. I came form and they wouldn’t let me go.I demand and I said my daughter was coming to get me if they didn’t release me she would take me.When she showed up they released me and had me taken by ambulance to the hosp..I was given meds. to get my fever down and after a few days they sent me home with rehab. at home a couple days a week and then a rehab. center after I was able too use my walker better.I started at the center and I wasn’t getting better I still had pain in my groin and I couldn’t even lift my leg up to get in the car I had to lift it with my hands. It’s right before that when I was first allowed to put pressure on my leg that I discovered my leg was two shorter.I kept telling my DR. I wasn’t getting better I was still in a lot of pain he just kept sending for more water therapy.Then in may of 2005 my hip got a red big round lump on it it was hot to the touch.I called my Dr.s office and told the nurse and they got back with me in the afternoon and they told me to go straight to the ER..When I got there they tried several times to draw fluid out of it but couldn’t get anything. They admitted me right away.My Dr. operated the next day he came out when I was in recovery and told me they couldn’t find anything at first then they found a small whole in the hip and the infection was behide that in my medical records he said it was in front of the hip.He lied so much in my records it was unreal.Now from walking all those years still in pain my other hip is hurting just as bad and I have developed scolios of my lower back and have several disc out of place.My lawyer says they probably can’t put me in the pinn. recalls because I just had an infection I don’t get that at all how can they separate these cases out.I tried to sue the Dr. but that didn’t get me anywhere.My life is one big mess I can’t do anything and now I don’t know if I even have anyone fighting for me anymore.I feel for all you out there it’s not right what there doing and we all should have the right to know whats going on in that courtroom everyday J&J should have been shut down alone time ago.God Bless us all!

  39. Anonymous

    Just more J&J Bullshit the big percentage J$J employees are attorney paid to stall and take advantage of their victims not patients of their products .I hope there is not behind back door deals in the Pinnacle case not like the deal in the ASR hip case .Where the plaintiffs were completely sold out with piss poor representation’s with a take or leave it deal where the plaintiffs had all the pain and suffering and worry and still do in most cases got 50% when the deductions and lawyers got done with you .Let a jury decide and hope they find enough for punitive damages the evidence is there. No deals with J&J they do what they want and pay when they want get judgments no settlements.

  40. John Smith

    We need to band together and hire a detective firm to check on the jurors from the first Pinnacle trial. Only 9 and there is a good chance J&J bought them off .9Mil vs several Billions had to be attractive. Dallas reporter that wrote story about the surprise outcome had suspicions also. J&J was caught trying to influence jury pool in Dec right before selection. If we could show the first trial jurors are all riding around in new SUV ‘s it would blow these Dallas trials wide open

  41. Jim moreland

    How are you keeping current?

  42. Jim Moreland PA, MHS

    I hope that our attorney’s, are attacking how hard these prosthesis are to handle and manipulate to get it into proper positioning. Most surgeons are complaining that they are also having a very difficult time removing the ball from the cup. It is the clearance of the prosthesis that makes these prosthesis difficult to position and these clearances are so narrow that contact of cup to stem is occurring, as well as soft tissue impingement. The clearance itself creates edging, they know this. I have been a ORTHO PA at the University of Pittsburgh and these Depuy Ultamet prosthesis are very difficult to handle, it is very difficult to control. It is the design that increase the chances of mal-alignment during placement of these prosthesis. I have had a total of 9 major hip revisions. In a wheelchair, unable to practice medicine any longer. Depuy is also getting to the radiologist to use key word modifiers that through so all the blame on the surgeon. You would never see a radiologist go into so much description and giving a definite cause of mal-alignment as the cause to failure. I can tell you that there are many hips that have not been placed properly and yet they are functioning well, yet the radiologist make no mention because the history of the patient is benign. CLEARANCE is the culprit.

  43. Jim Moreland PA, MHS



    I meant to say that there are many hips that have been improperly placed, and yet there are no patient complaints or radiographic evidence of prosthesis failure. These are not mentioned in their report because the patients history are benign, meaning without any complaint.

  44. Jim Moreland PA, MHS

    Very good observation.

  45. JG

    I agree with you 100%. I cannot find any updates online. I cannot get any information from my lawyers. How does a judge allow more than a year pass from the first trial to the second? If anyone makes out of this situation, it will be the lawyers! My wife’s physical evidence and condition should have warranted being one of the most severe and one of the earliest trials. How do they choose what cases would have the most impact? But as the years pass, it doesn’t matter to me. My wife died February 28, 2015 from a lung disease that cannot be explained even with an autopsy. Her body was circulating poisoned blood. The result of chromium and cobalt destroying the tissue in her body while flowing through her system.

  46. Michael M. Jackson

    I agree, all these stories are similar. I too had to have a revision and at the time I did not know how all of this would come to light. My doctor also told me that he could not find anything, immediately after my surgery in Oct 2009, I knew something was not right. I ended up taking a total of 1 year off work because the hip was not healing. I was also using my hands to lift my leg into the car, so I’m glad to hear that someone else was having the same symptoms. During one of my visits, the doctor raised my leg about 4′ off the table and released it; I had no control over stopping the leg from falling and it was so much pain. I think that it was then that he realized that something indeed was terribly wrong. I had my revision surgery in 2011 to remove the metal and replace it with polyurethane. The entire process has had a mental effect on me to the point that I do not trust going back for check ups. The revision is definitely better than the initial surgery, but I still have pain even with this one on occasion. I felt that the Doctors were in bed with the manufacturers all along, and now the evidence is coming out in the trial that my intuition was correct. If is so evident that money rules, we are suffering from greed and corruption and I hope that these jurors realize that they could be in our shoes. Shame on Depuy and Johnson and Johnson. They are suppose to be in business to help but instead they have no regard whatsoever for the patient. Hopefully the end is near and we get some form of respect for our suffering.

  47. Anonymous

    Total of three two normal one revision both done in 2010 revision 2013 other one giving me problems now same as the revised one did over 7000 dollars out of pocket worried can’t afford can’t keep dipping in 401k I’m one of the 7000 people suing don’t know what to do but wait and see ???

  48. Ben Roby

    I spent most of 2018 in the hospital with several health problems including heart failure last December right before Christmas was amid it to the ER with a life-threatening septic blood infection they remove my left metal on metal pinnacle hip due to severe infection . They removed 30 pounds of soft tissue around the joint I now I’m in a wheelchair and or crutches because they could not put another hip in due to severe necrosis of my left femur they said it was staff infection but in my medical report the condition of the soft tissue and bone and color of the implant when they took it out tells me it was metallossis. Implant had turned black they found metal colored stain tissue and the joint fluid was a reddish brown color. I just got home from the hospital because I was having major breathing problems. My oxygen levels or below 80 with Max oxygen .I don’t smoke and before I had these implants installed I was very healthy and physically fit athletic 25-year-old I’m now 42 and have been told I have the heart of a 90-year-old with stage four congestive heart failure my right implant is still in me and it was put in in 2004 experiencing memory loss blurred vision I left my surgeon seven years ago because he would not help me. When I would go back for check ups complaining about major pain in the left groin. He said it’s because the type of work I was doing I just feel that I’ve been used like a lab rat! I was told that these hip I’m plants were the most state-of-the-art prosthetic on the market . And (I was aloud to snow ski if I want to)they are designed to be put into younger people like myself and with these new materials should last at least 50 years. I am so depressed I lost everything my family, my livelihood, and my soul. Still in a lot of pain just want it to end! Also, cannot an attorney to take my case because my implants were put in 2004and 2005 before 2006. These hip implants have ruined my life. And Johnson and Johnson need to pay for all the lives they have destroyed I have four beautiful daughters why should they have to suffer growing up without a father to take care of them .

  49. SL

    Yes they have ruined my life. I have had eight replacements I was an in charge of 36 bed psych until. I loved job and had to stop working in 2000. I can barely walk and I have gone through all of my money. No family and my friend are tired of helping

  50. Sl

    Probably interstitial lung disease. My brother just died from i from Lupus

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