Johnson & Johnson’s Timeline of Negligence in the DePuy ASR Hip Recall


An article in today’s New York Times details how Johnson & Johnson kept selling the DePuy ASR in Europe even after the FDA rejected it in the United States.  This story should not surprise anyone.  It is simply more evidence that Johnson & Johnson’s corporate behavior puts their bottom line ahead of patient safety in the case of the ASR hip replacement.

Timeline of Intelligence

2007- The Australian Registry warned Johnson & Johnson about high numbers of revision surgeries- or surgeries to fix a problem that surfaces after the first hip replacement is implanted. However, Johnson & Johnson continues worldwide sales of the DePuy ASR and XL hip implant despite this evidence.

2009- FDA decides not to approve a version of the ASR for sales in the United States, but Johnson & Johnson continues to sell a similar version to US patients, which made it to market through a loophole in the FDA’s approval process.

2009- In December, Johnson & Johnson finally pulled the ASR off the market in Australia but continues to sell it in the United States.

2010- The National Joint Registry of England presents evidence that at least 12% of all the ASR hip implants were being revised (replaced in a second surgery) after only 5 years.

2010- In August, Johnson & Johnson finally pulled the ASR off the market in the United States.  Johnson & Johnson sold more than 93,000 ASR hips worldwide before finally shutting down sales of this defective product.

Click here to read more about the New York Times article about how Johnson & Johnson continued to sell the DePuy ASR hip in Europe even after the FDA rejected it for sales in the United States.

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