How Many US Patients have Defective DePuy ASR Hip Implants?


A worldwide recall is never a good thing for a company.  And when you break down the numbers in DePuy’s recent ASR hip implant recall, the statistics don’t look good for patients in the United States. Take a look at the math:

93,000- The number of ASRs sold and implanted worldwide
11,160- The probable number of failed hip implants worldwide according to DePuy’s reports of a 12% failure rate.
But here’s where the numbers start to look bad for US patients:
4,000  Number of DePuy ASR hips sold/implanted in the UK
8,000  Number of DePuy ASR hips sole/implanted in Australia
12,000-  Total number in both UK & Australia.
12% failure rate= at least 1440 defective hips in the UK and Australia.
That still leaves almost 10,000 patients around the world with a high probability of having a defective DePuy ASR hip.  HOW MANY OF THESE DEFECTIVE HIPS WERE IMPLANTED IN US PATIENTS?  The numbers are likely to be very high with patients in the United States suffering from the majority of these defective products.

Not good statistical odds for anyone in the US who has a DePuy ASR hip implanted into their bodies right now.  
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