DePuy Patients Stuck With The Bill To Fix Their Recalled Hip Implants


A warning to patients with the recalled DePuy ASR hip: You may get stuck with the bill for the surgery to fix your defective hip implant.  A recent NY Time article details problems with DePuy’s plan to cover these costs:

“Things have not gone smoothly for everyone who has taken DePuy’s payment offer. One patient, Paula Laverty, received a hospital bill for $41,578 and a call from the facility warning her that the bill would be turned over soon to a collection agency.  Ms. Laverty, of Cape Elizabeth, Me., said she spent weeks calling the firm handling claims related to DePuy’s A.S.R. She said she eventually learned that the implant maker had paid the hospital $18,000 for her replacement procedure and that the $41,578 represented the remaining charges.”   NY Times Article: The High Cost Of Failing Artificial Hips

It’s a tough situation for many patients who need immediate surgery to replace the bad ASR Hip.  Afterward, they face mounting medical bills from hospitals, surgeons, and even their own insurance companies.  According to the NY Times article,

“Insurers are alerting patients that they plan to recover their expenses from any settlement money that patients receive. Medicare is also expected to try to recover its costs.”

DePuy’s offer to “reimburse” patients falls short of what they deserve.  Covering basic costs of surgery and testing is nothing compared to the anguish and pain that these devices have caused, especially since DePuy and Johnson and Johnson had some indication of a problem with the DePuy ASR years before the recall.

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Before you contact DePuy, we urge you to talk to an experienced metal on metal hip recall attorney.  The process of getting reimbursed is complicated and can force the patient to give up their legal rights in order to get their medical bills paid.

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