$4.5 Million Verdict in Wright Profemur Metal Hip Case


A California jury verdict awards $4.5 million to a man with a broken Wright Profemur  metal hip replacement. The verdict happened on Friday, June 12th when a jury in California state court decided the Wright Profemur R stem broke because of defective manufacturing.  This is the first case out of thousands to go to trial against Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

The jury said the hip stem implanted in Alan Warner snapped because the metal was weakened from a laser used when making the orthopedic device. Warner’s 3-year-old hip snapped in 2010 when he was standing in his home.  He has since undergone 14 surgeries, dislocations, and infections because of the injury.

Warner’s attorney told Courtroom View Network that Wright Technology offered his client a settlement of $455,000.  The significantly higher $4.5 million verdicts may impact how much other injured victims are willing to settle their cases in the future.

Another metal-on-metal hip trial against Zimmer Holdings, Inc., over the Zimmer Durom hip, is scheduled to begin in California on July 7th.

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