Attorney Ilyas Sayeg Named Co-Lead Counsel of Florida’s Consolidated Exactech Hip Knee and Ankle Lawsuits


The Court overseeing the consolidated Exactech case lawsuits in Florida has appointed Ilyas Sayeg, partner at mctlaw, as “Co-Lead” of the litigation. (Case No. 01-2022-CA-2670). These lawsuits involve recalled hip, knee, and ankle implants with faulty plastic components. The use of similar plastic components in implants like these is generally regarded as the “gold standard” and provides excellent, long-term results. Unfortunately, Exactech’s recalled plastic components are prone to fail early in patients because of excessive plastic “wear” from the device. In its recent recalls, Exactech admits that its design choices and its failure, since as far back as 2004, to package the plastics in airtight bags are causes for their increased rate of failures. Previously, Ilyas Sayeg won the arguments to consolidate all of the FL Exactech cases into one master case, with the first trial date set for next year.

MCTLaw attorney Ilyas Sayeg
Ilyas Sayeg

In his role as co-lead counsel, Mr. Sayeg will attend the status conferences and other hearings, submit all motions and matters, and lead the implementation of the litigation plan. These duties are incredibly important to continue moving the case along in order to help patients get compensation for their faulty medical device implants.

The legal team at mctlaw is leading the way in this national litigation and is committed to helping clients get justice in their claims about their Exactech hips, knees, and ankles. Our attorneys have years of experience litigating complex medical device cases and getting compensation for patients injured by medical devices. Whether you believe you have been hurt by a recalled Exactech device, or you represent such a person and are seeking an attorney to refer or co-counsel, we are happy to review your Exactech case.

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