Women File Lawsuit in Florida Against Hip Manufacturer Exactech


Lawsuit Alleges the Recalled Exactech Connection GXL hip system are Defective

Sarasota, FL — (March 8, 2022)—Three women say the Exactech hip replacements surgically implanted in their bodies were defective and the company knew about it but never warned them or their surgeons. The plaintiffs experienced pain, decreased range of motion, and bone and tissue destruction. Two of the women needed a second major surgery to remove and replace the defective Exactech Connexion GXL hip implants. The third plaintiff is scheduled for an upcoming hip revision surgery.

Attorneys at mctlaw, along with co-counsel firms Cohen & Malad, LLP and Nash & Franciskato, filed a lawsuit on behalf of C. McGraw, D. Shultz & M. Higgenbotham in the Eighth Judicial Circuit Court of Alachua County, Florida against Exactech, Inc., the maker of the Connexion GXL hip liner.

Exactech triggered an FDA Recall for the Connexion GXL acetabular polyethylene liners in June 2021 after it sent a notice to its sales agents that these products had a risk of premature wear. Days earlier, Exactech sent a notice to surgeons indicating that the GXL had been phased out and replaced by a newer product, but the notice to surgeons did not inform them of any pending recalls.

Attorneys at mctlaw and their co-counsels are talking with worried patients across the country who have Exactech Connexion GXL implants. “Patients expected these hip replacements to improve their quality of life, but Exactech made it worse,” says attorney Ilyas Sayeg of mctlaw. “The company knew about the problems and did nothing to protect patients. We believe the number of lawsuits against Exactech will increase significantly.”

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