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NY Hospital for Special Surgery Sends Recall Letters to Exactech Knee Replacement Patients

HSS has sent out potentially thousands of letters to current and former HSS patients warning them about a recall on their Exactech knee replacements. The letter explains that some patients are having problems because the plastic tibial portion of the implant is wearing down years earlier than expected.

If you received one of these letters from HSS, you should contact us immediately to preserve evidence and protect your rights.

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Warning About Contacting Exactech for Out-of-Pocket Costs

We highly recommend you contact an attorney first. Giving your information to Exactech’s hotline may give them the information they can use against you later if you file a claim.  

Talking to Exactech without legal representation may not be in your best interests. Our firm can request and review your medical records at no cost and at no risk to see if you have a strong claim.

Received a Warning Letter from HSS?

Contact us now about your Exactech Knee Replacement. We can help you preserve evidence and protect your rights.

What is Wrong with the Exactech Optetrak and Truliant Knee Replacements?

In the letter to HSS patients, Exactech admits that vacuum bags used to store the tibial inserts are defective. The bags should have 2 layers to keep oxygen away from the implant, but these bags had only one layer. 

When air seeps into the packaging, it can oxidize, or corrode, the polyethylene making it weak. Once it’s inside your body, it can break down with normal use and release particles that cause pain, swelling, redness, knee stiffness, instability, and other symptoms. 

Exactech worked closely with the Hospital for Special Surgery to research and develop knee replacements.

Exactech and HSS have a decades-long partnership working hand in hand to research, engineer, and design knee replacements. Exactech says in its own press release from 2009 that “more than 200,000 knee replacement patients worldwide have benefitted from this relationship.”

Now the concern is how many of those hundreds of thousands of patients may have a defective knee implant.

Exactech and Hospital for Special Surgery Timeline:

  • 1992 – Exactech and the Hospital for Special Surgery began collaborating on knee implant designs.
  • 1995 – The Optetrak knee system was created in collaboration with HSS and represents 45% of the company’s sales and patients in more than 30 countries.
  • 2009 – Exactech extends its knee development license with HSS
  • 2021 – Exactech issues a recall of some Optetrak and Truliant tibial implants based on specific dates
  • 2022- Exactech expands the recall to include ALL Optetrak and Truliant tibial implants

Content Reviewed by Ilyas Sayeg – Medical Product Liability Lawyer

MCTLaw attorney Ilyas Sayeg

Ilyas Sayeg is a partner at mctlaw working in the Firm’s product liability and complex consumer protection practices representing clients with failing metal on metal hip replacements and recalled Exactech hip and knee implants. Mr. Sayeg represents “Davids” nationwide who are injured by defective medical products and deceptive business practices of the corporate “Goliaths” who put profit before safety. A passionate advocate, he takes pride in standing toe-to-toe against some of the largest companies in the world to help his clients seek justice. Mr. Sayeg is a member of the American Association for Justice.

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