MoM Hip Implant linked to Heart Disease in Men


The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons noted at their annual meeting in March that research indicates a significant correlation between heart disease in men and the ASR XL hip prosthesis by DePuy.  Researchers used the Australian Government Department of Veterans Affairs database and studied over 2,000 men who had received a metal-on-polyethylene (MoP) hip implant.  The study indicated that men who had received the ASR XL hip implant (DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction) had a significantly higher rate of hospitalization for heart failure.  Stephen Graves, MD, who spoke at the meeting regarding the study, noted that “As far as we are aware, this is the first cohort study to indicate any association with heart failure the use of the ASR XL prosthesis.  The effect was evident in men.  We were able to quantify the incidence in the study population, and the incidence was not small”.  The study found that there was one additional heart failure incident for every ten patients treated with the ASR XL implant.

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