Metal on Metal Hip Replacements Could Lead to Heart Problems


New research shows people with metal-on-metal hip implants may have a higher chance of developing heart problems because of long-term metal exposure. The study is titled “Metal-on-Metal Hip Prostheses and Systemic Health: A Cross-Sectional Association Study 8 Years after Implantation,”  and examines how metal-on-metal hip bearings affect the organs of the body.

Scientists looked at 35 Metal on Metal hip replacement patients who all had good functioning hip implants and compared them to 35 patients with conventional hip replacements. Their findings showed mixed health results, with the potential for serious problems with ventricular heart functions in the MoM patients:

“Our findings of differences in cardiac function are consistent with previous studies showing an association between accidental or occupational cobalt exposure and cardiomyopathy.”

The research paper concludes that long-term studies with larger populations are necessary to measure the rate of cardiac and musculoskeletal disease.  The researchers also stronger suggest that metal hip manufacturers must track patient outcomes over longer periods of time to find out about the consequences of extended exposure to metals from MoM hip implants.

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