Coronavirus business insurance claim denied


Covid-19 Lawyers for Business Interruption Claims in Florida

DENIED! That’s what business owners across Florida are hearing from insurance companies after filing coronavirus related business interruption claims.

Insurance companies are refusing to pay claims. They say impacts from Covid-19 are not covered because of policy exclusions and other excuses. Do not accept this as the final word on your situation. Let mctlaw’s trial attorneys carefully review your business interruption insurance policy.

The insurance industry is gambling that you won’t call their bluff. Our experienced attorneys protect Florida business owners who’ve been wrongfully denied insurance coverage when they need it most.


If you believe you have coverage but have NOT filed your Covid-19 related business interruption claim yet: Do it right away.  

File it even if your agent or the insurance company says your policy does not cover losses from coronavirus. 

There is typically a 30 to 60 day window to submit your claim. If you don’t submit in time, you may not be able to file a lawsuit if you are denied. 

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We Respect Your Need for Social Distance at this Time

You do not need to come to our offices. Our attorneys can represent you without meeting face to face during this crisis. Anything that needs to be signed or reviewed, can be done online. 

What to Do If Your Business Interruption Insurance Was Denied Due to Coronavirus

If your Covid-19 claim was denied, contact us immediately. It’s not unusual for insurance companies to outright deny claims, but then end up paying or settling later when their hand is forced by a lawsuit.

Just because an insurance company says they won’t pay coronavirus related claims doesn’t mean that you are not entitled to the coverage.

How many years have you paid into a policy without making a claim? Your insurance company kept that money during good times. Now they’re trying to keep that money despite their contract with you. There will almost certainly be a staggering number of business interruption claims filed in the next few months.

Get a Free Attorney Review Of Your Policy

Take our anonymous business interruption quiz. Not sure if you qualify? Find out quickly if you may have a case. Then upload your business interruption insurance policy and denial letter. 

Our trial attorneys will review the policy for free and quickly get back to you. Then you decide if you want our help to fight the claim denial.

What We Need to Get Started

Before any attorney can help, you need to gather basic information to get the process started. Most important is a copy of your business interruption policy. We have to read that document before anything else happens.

  • A copy of your complete business insurance policy.
  • Your denial letter
  • Date your business closed
  • Reason your business closed
  • About how much money have you lost?
  • How did you come up with this amount?
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Property Damage and Business Interruption Insurance

Insurance companies have claimed business interruption insurance wasn’t meant to cover shutdowns related to pandemics, like coronavirus. Some say this type of insurance applies only if you can show there was physical damage to the property.

Insurance policies may include a viral exclusion clause. After the SARS virus outbreak in 2003, some insurance companies specifically excluded losses from viruses and other contagious diseases. But many policies did not add this exclusion.

Your coverage depends on how your policy was written. One word left out or added could change the interpretation of what your policy covers. You should have an attorney carefully evaluate your specific policy for these nuances.

If your insurance company denied your claim, our attorneys will carefully review your policy at no cost to see if we are able to represent you.

Closed due to Covid-19 lawsuits

Civil Authority Coverage and Business Interruption Insurance

Civil authority coverage protects you from income loss when the local, state or federal government restricts access to your business. Non-essential businesses across Florida were forced to close when Gov. DeSantis issued a 30-day shelter in place executive order to stop the spread of COVID-19.

You may be able to file a business interruption claim under the civil authority provisions of your insurance policy. Insurance companies are already attempting to wiggle out of these types of claims, but the coverage depends on the way this clause was written.

You could be eligible for compensation if your Florida business was shut down because of the stay at home order. The best way to find out is to have our attorneys review your policy if the insurance company declined your coverage.

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