Both Sides Close to a Deal in Pinnacle Hip Implant Cases


Good News for Potential Pinnacle Hip Lawsuit Settlements

A global settlement may come soon in Pinnacle hip implant lawsuits across the country.  One of the attorneys working on the deal announced that both sides reached a tentative agreement. The deal would resolve most of the 10,000 lawsuits currently filed against Johnson & Johnson and the DePuy hip maker.

Federal Trial in Pinnacle Hip Cases Ends Suddenly

At the moment, there are no details about a potential settlement. However, a federal court in Dallas suddenly released a jury from a Pinnacle re-trial after news broke of a possible settlement. That retrial was in response to a 2016 verdict awarding five DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement patients a $500 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson. DePuy’s spokeswoman refused to comment on any settlement deal details.  Lawsuits aimed at DePuy’s failed Pinnacle metal on metal hips began back in 2010. Since then, Johnson & Johnson faced several massive jury verdicts against them, including a $1 Billion verdict against the hip maker.

J&J Settles with US States for $120 Million

Two weeks ago J&J agreed to pay $120 million to states over deceptive marketing practices in how they sold the Pinnacle hips.  Attorney Generals from 46 states said DePuy misled consumers about how long their metal on metal hip implants would last.

Early Settlements Reached in 3,300 Pinnacle Hip Cases

In December 2018 news sources reported that Johnson & Johson settled about 3,300 individual cases for approximately $125,000 each.

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Complications from Metal on Metal Hips

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