Storyline About MoM Hips Featured on NBC Show New Amsterdam


NBC’s newest medical drama, New Amsterdam, took on the metal on metal hip crisis in one of its storylines this week.  The season 3, episode 3 show is titled “Revision”  and follows a construction worker named Vincent who comes to the hospital for symptoms of a heart attack, but it turns out to be cobalt blood poisoning.

As the doctors try to figure out how he was exposed to such high cobalt metal levels, he tells them he had a hip replacement.  Dr. Helen Sharpe uses a long syringe to remove fluid from Vincent’s hip and discover a mixture of black sludge instead of blood or clear fluid. She instantly knows he’s being poisoned by his own metal on metal hip replacement.  The only cure for his problem is ANOTHER hip replacement to remove the metal parts that are making him sick.

The next scene pits Vincent and Dr. Sharpe against a group of men in suits from the hip replacement company.  They demand the company pays for Vincent’s medical bills, surgery costs, lost wages, and the cost of a newer, more expensive ceramic hip.  Dr. Sharpe even pushes the hip manufacturers to cover these costs for ALL patients dealing with metal poisoning from their bad hips.  Of course, the orthopedic company officials refuse these terms and the doctor threatens to expose their product on national television.

Dr. Sharpe’s colleague warns her the powerful medical device company could crush her future as a physician if she takes them on.  During her interview on live national TV, Dr. Sharpe threatens to name the hip manufacturer specifically.  However, after a commercial break, the doctor instead blames the FDA for letting hip replacement companies, in general, get away with selling medical products with almost no testing or government oversight. She calls on the general public to call their representatives and demand change.

To see the entire episode of New Amsterdam, click on the video below.

Reality Stranger than Fiction in Metal Hip Cases

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.  Thousands of people across the country are in the same position as the fictional character Vincent in this episode.  Hip makers like Zimmer Biomet and Johnson & Johnson with their Pinnacle hips follow a similar script by not taking responsibility for making and selling an implant that can and has poisoned thousands of people.

That’s why mctlaw attorneys feel compelled to represent people hurt by metal on metal hips. Learn more about which metal on metal hip makers we are currently litigating.

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