A Second Kratom-Related Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed in the Same WA County as Recent Multi-Million Dollar Kratom Verdict

Talis Abolins

A second kratom wrongful death lawsuit has been filed in Cowlitz County, WA following the tragic death of 37-year-old Jordan McKibban. The lawsuit involves multiple defendants, including manufacturers and sellers of kratom brands such as Whole Herbs kratom capsules and Hush Kratom liquid shots, as well as a bulk kratom powder sold by Cloud House Vaporz, for their role in McKibban’s kratom induced death. (Case No. 23-2-01183-08 in the Superior Court of the State of Washington in Cowlitz County).

This lawsuit follows a July 2023 trial in Cowlitz County where a jury awarded $2.5 million in a similar kratom-related death. The plaintiff was also represented by the attorneys at mctlaw.

Jordan McKibban was known for his love of fishing, gardening, cooking, and his family.  A dedicated and successful worker for an organic food distributor, Jordan was in good health but struggled with hand and back pain. He turned to kratom for relief, including Whole Herbs capsules, Hush liquid shots, and the Cloud House powders.

On April 5, 2022, Jordan came home from work and collapsed. His young nephew found him unconscious. Paramedics rushed Jordan to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. An open bag of Cloud House kratom powder sat on his kitchen counter where he mixed his last kratom drink. The empty glass left behind in his bedroom.

The Cowlitz County autopsy report shows the cause of Jordan McKibban’s death was an “oral ingestion of a toxic amount of mitragynine,” a compound found in kratom. His stomach contained 200mL of green liquid, consistent with kratom consumption.

The lawsuit highlights the growing number of death certificates across the U.S., in which kratom is formally identified as the cause of death and cites 2023 research finding kratom 63 times more deadly than other natural products sold to consumers.

The complaint raises serious concerns about the kratom industry, alleging a “secretive web of affiliates, individuals, shell companies, alter egos, business names, assumed names, and/or trade names” for a substance that has never been established as safe for human consumption. It also asserts that the kratom defendants have built an industry on fraudulent practices, including unlawfully importing kratom as “not for human consumption,” under misleading labels such as “plant food,” “incense,” or “cosmetic” powders.

“How many kratom deaths will the families of Cowlitz County suffer before the industry is stopped?  These heartbreaking tragedies must stop.  Jordan McKibban died from a product that is so dangerous it should not even be on the shelf,” says the family’s attorney, Talis Abolins of mctlaw. “The defendants falsely promote kratom as a safe for human consumption when, in fact, it is causing deaths and other harmful impacts across the country.”

The complaint (Case No. 23-2-01183-08) was filed in the Superior Court of the State of Washington in Cowlitz County between Rachel McKibban, individually and as Personal Representative of the Estate of Jordan McKibban, deceased vs. Texas limited liability company; LP IND., LLC, a Wyoming limited liability company; CAG HOLDINGS, LLC, a Wyoming limited liability company; RMH HOLDINGS, INC., a Wyoming corporation; OLISTICA, an unincorporated association; MIT THERAPY INC., an Idaho corporation; DURITY DISTRIBUTION, INC., an Idaho corporation; HUSH WORLDWIDE LLC, a Wyoming limited liability company; DRIP DROP DISTRO LLC, an Idaho limited liability company; BEDROCK MFG LLC, a Wyoming limited liability company; CLOUD HOUSE VAPORZ, INC., a Washington corporation; and JOHN & JANE DOES 1 THROUGH 10.

Photo of Jordan M. McKibban smiling
Jordan M. McKibban
Photo of Jordan McKibbon holding a fish
Jordan McKibban Fishing
Photo of Jordan McKibban's grave stone
Jordan McKibban’s Grave Stone

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