Vaccines and the Risk of Febrile Seizures in Children


Children given the flu shot along with other common childhood vaccines are more likely to suffer from a febrile seizure

A recent study, funded by the Center for Disease Control, looks at connections between childhood vaccines and febrile seizures.  The American Academy of Pediatrics published this study in its July newsletter, citing research conducted by several doctors.  The study found an increased risk of febrile seizure in children between 6 months and 23 months old who get the flu vaccine at the same as the PCV or DTaP vaccines.  The CDC noted that there was not an increased risk of seizure when the flu shot was administered on a different day than other vaccines.  The study only looked at children up to one day after vaccination.

Febrile seizures are seizures that happen to children between 6 months and 5 years old. While most febrile seizures are not permanently harmful, they are very scary to kids and parents. They cause a child with a fever to have “spasms” or jerky movements.  These seizures normally last a minute or two and usually occur when a child has a fever over 102 degrees.

Filing a Vaccine Injury Claim

Febrile seizures typically resolve quickly after the fever passes.  However, some children and adults experience severe and life-threatening reactions to vaccines, such as Guillain-Barré Syndrome, Intussusception, encephalopathy, and other auto-immune related reactions.  In those cases, our attorneys may be able to help you file a vaccine injury compensation claim.

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