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Jurors announced a record $1 billion dollar verdict against Johnson & Johnson in the most recent Pinnacle metal on metal hip trial.  It took jurors only one day of deliberations to come back with their astounding award.

How Much Was Awarded to Each Pinnacle Hip Plaintiff?

Harris Martin Publishing sources say the verdict total is more than $1.041 billion.  The trial took place in Dallas, Texas. Six individual cases were consolidated into this single trial. That means 6 people claiming injuries from DePuy’s defective Pinnacle Metal on Metal hip replacements went to trial at one time because of the similarities of their cases. Here’s the breakdown of how much the jury awarded each of the six plaintiffs:
  • $4 million per person with a single hip implant.  There are a total of 6 plaintiffs in this bellwether trial.
  • $6 million per person with two hip replacements, or bilateral implants.
  • $1 million for each spouse of those 6 plaintiffs.
  • $84 million per plaintiff in punitive damages against DePuy.
  • $84 million per plaintiff in punitive damages against Johnson & Johnson.
  • $125,000 for each spouse in punitive damages against DePuy.
  • $125,000 for each spouse in punitive damages against Johnson & Johnson.
  • $125,000 for each spouse in punitive damages against DePuy.

About the Pinnacle Hip Trial

The trial started on October 3rd and lasted 31 days.  Yesterday lawyers for Depuy and J&J asked for a mistrial before the jury began deliberating.  The judge denied the motion and gave the case to the jury on Wednesday, November 30th. By the end of the day on Thursday, the jury had made their decision.

What Can Other Injured Pinnacle Hip Patients Expect Now?

This is the second time a jury gave a multimillion-dollar award to injured Pinnacle hip replacement patients.In March another jury awarded $502 million to 5 plaintiffs injured by Pinnacle metal on metal hips.
The pressure is now on Johnson & Johnson to start compensating people for their defective hip implant.
“Hopefully the stockholders will wake up and demand that Johnson & Johnson start settling these cases before facing anymore record-breaking plaintiff’s awards,” says Managing Partner Altom Maglio.  Maglio is a national leader in metal hip litigation, filing the first-ever metal on metal hip lawsuit over the Zimmer Durom hip in 2008.

Maglio Christopher & Toale’s Extensive Experience in Metal on Metal Hip Litigation

➨ Our attorneys have personally questioned under oath dozens of high profile DePuy and Johnson & Johnson employees, including:
  • J&J CEO Alex Gorski
  • DePuy Orthopedics CEO Andrew Ekdahl
  • DePuy Vice President of Clinical Research Pam Plouhar
  • Pinnacle Co-Designer, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Thomas Schmalzried
➨ Our law firm is a national leader in the defective metal on metal hip litigation, filing the first metal on metal hip lawsuit in the United States. ➨ We have deep contacts within the orthopedic community and extensive medical and technical knowledge about defective orthopedic hip replacements. ➨ Maglio Christopher & Toale, P.A. is aggressively and actively litigating metal on metal hip cases through the U.S. state and federal court systems.


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  1. Kenneth

    I have contacted one law firm to see what they say about my situation. I had both hips replaced by Ortho Carolina. The right one in September of 2007 and the left in March of 2008 I believe. I was not aware of any issues until I received a letter from my doctor asking me to take a blood test. The letter made it sound like a slight chance of any issues. The doctors called me a week ago and informed me that my chromium levels were in the normal range at 1.4 with an ok rate at 3. However they ten told me that my cobalt levels are 6.2 and they want me to get two MRI’s. They called me again and told me the metal results were the other way around but no matter. So they scheduled the MRI’s , I cleared my work schedule for that day. Then I received a call saying that my insurance wouldn’t approve the MRI since I hadn’t seen the doctor yet, which was scheduled for January. So I have to wait to see him and then schedule the MRI and then see him again.

    In any event I have no idea if any of the problems associated with the metal in my body are related to my hip replacements or something else. I have developed hyperthyroidism since the replacements, anxiety and depression, weight gain, insomnia, pain that may be caused by a disc. In addition my eyesight has become an issue. I am 68 years old and in fairly good condition. I do work full time and have an extremely active work schedule. I have responsibility for over 500 employees and on an International basis.

    If I have to go through another surgery I do not know if I can work again and unfortunately with the salary I make it would be very hard to replace.

  2. Anonymous

    if your chrom & cobalt levels even showing then you have metal on metal hips
    I wish my so-called surgeon would call me I have been trying to get help for 13 years

  3. Anonymous

    what is the status of the appeal on the California bell weather trial?

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