Attorneys at mctlaw win a legal victory for people across the country in the Pinnacle hip replacement litigation


Attorneys at mctlaw win a legal victory for people across the country in the Pinnacle hip replacement litigation. A federal judge ruled that 33 cases could be reinstated against Johnson & Johnson in New Jersey state court where J&J is headquartered. This means people from around the country may be able to file lawsuits in New Jersey, giving them an important choice in where to bring their case against J&J.  

The 33 plaintiffs initially filed suit in New Jersey state court against J&J and J&J’s orthopedic division, DePuy Orthopaedics. The plaintiffs intentionally picked New Jersey state court because it is the home of J&J and strategically important. However, in an attempt to wrangle control away from the plaintiffs and transfer the cases to their preferred jurisdiction in federal court, the defendants argued that J&J was not a proper defendant in the case. However, Judge Zahid N. Quraishi, of the federal court, sided with mctlaw attorneys. Judge Quraishi found that “the Complaint pleads colorable claims … against J&J Defendants.” As a result, Judge Quraishi refused to dismiss J&J and sent the case back to state court.

What this Victory Means for Future Pinnacle Hip Lawsuits

Any new Johnson & Johnson Pinnacle hip lawsuits can now be pursued in New Jersey state court, allowing future plaintiffs the opportunity to pursue their cases in a court of their own choosing, instead of a court of defendants’ choosing.    

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