Latest Research on Problems with Metal on Metal Hip Replacements

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Our clients often want to know more about what’s wrong with their metal on metal hip implants and what kind of medical complications they might face. Often the medical and orthopedic research is extremely technical and difficult to understand.

Below you’ll find research summaries in easier to read synopses that focus on the main points. Each metal on metal hip research summary also contains a link to the original source material.

Cobalt Toxicity from Metal Hip Causes Vision Damage

Cobalt Toxicity from Metal Hip Causes Vision Damage

Title: Hip ­Implant Related Chorio-­Retinal Cobalt Toxicity Abstract A 39-year-old female with high levels of cobalt in her blood (a side-effect of her two hip implants) came to the doctors with complaints that her left eye had been blurry for three weeks. Eye imaging...

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