mctlaw Expands Law Firm to Larger Washington DC Office


SARASOTA, FL— (October 13, 2014) The Law Firm of mctlaw has moved its Washington, D.C. office to a larger space in the heart of the Capitol.  The new DC office is located at 1775 Pennsylvania Avenue NW; just two blocks away from the United States Court of Federal Claims and the White House. Previously located in downtown DC in the historic Willard Office Building, the new office is housed in the prestigious 1775 Pennsylvania Building across from the World Bank and overlooking Murrow Park. Mctlaw also has a firm office located in the Ellis Building in downtown Sarasota.

“This move allows for our continued expansion and enables us to better represent our clients from across the country in Washington-based litigation,” says managing partner Altom Maglio. The search for a replacement office in DC began about a year ago when the Firm needed access to greater network capacity than the former location could provide.  “The design of the 1775 Building and our office build-out allowed us to craft the collaborative, efficient, and inviting office that we needed for Washington, DC,” says Maglio.  In conjunction with the move, mctlaw has added additional attorneys and staff members to the office.

About mctlaw

Mctlaw represents people across the country injured by defective medical products.  The Firm’s practice includes litigating defective orthopedic joint replacement cases in state and federal courts throughout the nation and representing individuals suffering adverse vaccine reactions in the nearby United States Court of Federal Claims.

The new address for the Washington, D.C. office of the Firm is:

1775 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 225
Washington DC  20006
(888) 952-5242

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