DePuy US Layoffs-Profits Despite Global Hip Recall


Big changes ahead for employees at DePuy Orthopaedics in Warsaw, Indiana.  The company announced that it will layoff workers in the near future, according to reports from several Indiana business news websites and a statement from DePuy.  No word yet on how many jobs will be cut or when the layoffs will take place.  DePuy says it’s restructuring its workforce to support higher growth areas of its business.

The company isn’t seeing much growth in US sales.  This week DePuy posted a 1.5% third quarter loss in US sales according to parent company, Johnson & Johnson.  However, international sales of DePuy’s medical devices more than made up for the losses, with an astounding 15.3% increase.

So DePuy’s bottom line doesn’t appear to be suffering much even after its worldwide ASR hip recall.  Johnson & Johnson reported that they spent $109 million in DePuy ASR hip recall litigation expenses during third quarter.  Despite those costs, DePuy and Johnson & Johnson are still showing sizable profits selling orthopedic joint replacements worldwide, reporting over $1.3 BILLION dollars in sales.

This Q3 report comes as a slap in the face to the thousands of patients with defective DePuy ASR hip implants.  While DePuy racks up sales and income, ASR patients are dealing with pain and uncertainty about their own medical and financial future.

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