Heavy Metal Poisoning from Biomet Metal Hip Destroys Patient’s Pelvis


(San Francisco, CA – April 26, 2018) A team of attorneys led by mctlaw has filed a lawsuit in San Francisco, CA against Biomet Orthopedics on behalf of a patient who suffered horrific injuries from a Biomet M2a metal-on-metal hip implant.

The patient, Mickey Reed, had no idea the Biomet M2a hip implant in his body was releasing toxic heavy metals and poisoning him. There were no warnings from Biomet or obvious symptoms until it was too late. The metallosis slowly ate away and killed the tissue, muscle, and bone surrounding the M2a implant until there was nothing left of his hip.  The M2a destroyed the entire structure of Mickey Reed’s pelvis.  Surgeons could NOT replace the M2a with another hip implant because there was nowhere left to attach it. Today Reed lives without a hip joint. He can no longer walk or use his leg.  He is in constant agony.

The Warning Signs Were Clear, but Biomet Pushed Sales Instead of Safety

The complaint shows one medical study after another warning that Biomet M2a metal on metal implants caused traumatic complications like pseudotumors, metallosis, tissue death, and higher than normal revision rates.  Biomet responded by publishing counter articles saying there were “no adverse physiological effects” to metal-on-metal hips implants.

In 2010, Johnson & Johnson issued a worldwide voluntary recall for an almost identical metal-on-metal hip causing higher than expected complications and revision surgeries. Biomet’s response: a promotional push to sell M2a implants and capture the market lost by Johnson & Johnson due to their voluntary recall.

Patients like Mickey Reed were left with ticking time bombs in their bodies. The consequences of Biomet’s profit-driven behavior have left Mr. Reed crippled forever.  Tragically, according to the Complaint, he is just one of the thousands of patients in California and across the country suffering from Biomet’s indifference.

Patients Left with Ticking Time Bombs in the Bodies

According to the complaint, at NO point has Biomet warned US surgeons about problems with the M2a or Magnum implants. At NO point did it tell US surgeons to test patients for elevated cobalt and chromium levels, or to undergo MRI or CT scans to look for silent pseudotumors. These early warnings could have changed Mickey Reed’s life.

The case is Mickey Reed vs. Biomet, Inc. et al filed in Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco, case number CGC-18-565909 (Read the Reed vs. Biomet Complaint)

How mctlaw is Litigating Biomet M2a Hip Cases

Mctlaw is aggressively leading the litigation of these cases across the United States, with the first trial involving a Biomet metal on metal hip set for September 2018 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

About mctlaw

Mctlaw is a national medical product liability law firm with offices in Seattle, WA, Washington, DC, and Sarasota, FL.  Mctlaw filed the first metal on metal (MoM) hip replacement lawsuit in the United States in 2008 and has been continuously litigating metal on metal hip replacement cases ever since.  The Firm is representing patients across the United States who have suffered the effects of heavy metal poisoning from Biomet M2a-38 and M2a-Magnum hip replacements.

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