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Disputes and disagreements are bound to happen between partners, vendors, competitors, and employees. Our attorneys offer a straightforward legal representation to help your business succeed.

We have extensive experience in all areas of business litigation, including: Business disputes, breach of contract, business litigation, partnership conflicts, non-compete and confidentiality agreements, dissolution of corporations or partnerships, arbitration & mediation, real estate litigation, deceptive business practices, and general business law.

We are aware of the financial strain on your business if you’re involved in a drawn-out legal fight. That’s why we work efficiently and aggressively to resolve disagreements. However, we also know when to walk away from a negotiation that goes nowhere and bring the case to trial. 

Our attorneys work in a cost-effective way so you can move forward with the business of doing business again.


mctlaw can help you dispute, protest, or litigate an issue with your government contract and help you protect your business.


Are you on the PGCC Equity Membership refund waiting list? Did you get the wrong refund amount? mctlaw fights to help you receive the amount you deserve.

Construction Law and Litigation

Southwest Florida business owners, developers, and contractors trust Maglio Christopher & Toale Law Firm to represent them in complex business litigation.


The attorneys at Maglio Christopher & Toale Law Firm believe landlords across the country who have lost income because of the CDC eviction moratorium may have a federal takings claim.

Federal takings litigation

The attorneys at Maglio Christopher & Toale Law Firm represent property owners, businesses, ranchers, and anyone else who is a victim of a federal taking that goes uncompensated. You have the right to demand payment and our attorneys can help you litigate your claim.

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