Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Showing Day Long Side Effects


Some coronavirus vaccine trials are showing day-long side effects, but participants say it’s worth it, according to CNBC, reporting on the vaccine trials from Moderna and Pfizer.

Some of those receiving the trial COVID-19 vaccine say they experienced exhaustion, high fever, body aches, and headaches. Participants also said the symptoms were uncomfortable and sometimes intense, but most often, went away within a day.

One participant in the Moderna vaccine trial says he felt under the weather for several days after getting the first dose. About a month later, he received the second dose of the vaccine and says he was bed-bound with a high fever and experienced shakes, chills, headache, and shortness of breath. But after about 12 hours, the participant says he felt back to normal. Other participants have reported similar side effects after getting the 2nd dose of these trial vaccines.

Moderna and Pfizer have admitted their vaccines could have side effects similar to COVID-19 symptoms. Both vaccines are in phase 3 trials where thousands of volunteers get the vaccine and scientists study their effectiveness and safety. A recent coronavirus poll shows that many Americans say they will avoid the vaccine when it’s first released. 

Four U.S. backed vaccine candidates are now in phase 3 trials. It is hoped at least one safe and effective coronavirus vaccine will be ready by the end of the year.


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