mctlaw featured by Gulfside Bank in Business Observer


Gulfside Bank recently highlighted the bank’s relationship with mctlaw in the Business Observer. The bank covered mctlaw’s national scope, litigation focus, and technology prowess. 

The bank extensively quoted the founding partner of mctlaw, Altom Maglio. “We’ve always taken on uneven matches against bigger adversaries from huge multinationals to federal agencies with virtually unlimited litigation budgets,” says Maglio. “Real David versus Goliath stuff and our slingshot has always been technology.

Maglio says mctlaw’s primary goal is to do their best work for clients. He says the firm relies on automation in certain areas of its practice to help litigate cases and be successful. 

Mctlaw banks with Gulfside Bank, which Maglio says helps secure financing for technology needs and take on cases that can sometimes play out over longer periods of time.

“A national litigation firm with three offices is not a typical customer for a local bank. However, Gulfside has done an amazing job meeting our unique requirements, time and time again. There is such a complexity of issues in our work and our business needs, which is par for the course when you’re litigating cases across the country. Gulfside has done some excellent work to help us make that all happen,” says Maglio.

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