Lawsuits Filed Across US Against DePuy


(LAS VEGAS, NEVADA) — This week, clients of mctlaw in 5 states around the country filed lawsuits against DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., Johnson & Johnson, and their distributors.  The suits were filed in Texas, Nevada, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Maryland on behalf of patients injured by the defective ASR hip replacement implant.  None of the patients brought suit against their orthopedic surgeons, and none plan to do so.

All the complaints allege that DePuy was warned about the problems with the ASR hip replacement long before selling the defective hips to these injured patients.  DePuy did nothing to let orthopedic surgeons or patients know about criticisms of the ASR raised by independent orthopedic experts. The patients named in the lawsuits endured years of misdiagnoses and unsuccessful medical procedures and treatments until their orthopedic surgeons finally concluded the problems were with the DePuy ASR hip replacement implant itself.  DePuy and its representatives did nothing during that time to warn doctors or patients about the high failure rates of the ASR hip system, as pointed out to them by independent orthopedic experts years earlier.

In a case of extremely unfortunate timing, patients named in the Wisconsin and Nevada lawsuits had the defective ASR hip replacements implanted in their bodies just months before DePuy announced it was phasing out the sales of the ASR hip replacement system because of “poor sales.”  Many of the patients bringing suit also have high cobalt and chromium levels in their bodies, which is metal debris resulting from the failure of their hip replacements.

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