Hip Recall Victims Fighting Back with Online Petition


Hip recall victims are fighting back by targeting Johnson & Johnson with a national petition asking the company to “do the right thing.”  Hundreds of people have already signed the petition.  They’re asking J&J to start compensating victims for the pain and misery they’ve been put through by the company’s recalled DePuy ASR hip replacement.

Many of the people who signed the online petition have left emotionally gripping comments about how their lives have dramatically changed because of the DePuy hip implants. Below are just a few of the comments left by petition signers.  You can also sign the petition at this website:  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/hip-recall/

“My man, my partner in life, has been destroyed by the Depuy ASR hip.”

“I have not been pain free since I had my first hip replacement with the DePuy ASR. I knew it wasn’t right from the beginning but thought it would eventually get better. It did not.”

“You have taken the active man I knew and robbed him from his grandchildren.”

“My mom was given one of these hips- She has had to have 3 corrective surgeries, has been in constant pain and it has taken a toll on all aspects of her life.”

“My ex-wife had to mentally prepare for such invasive surgery and the long recovery following… To have to DO IT AGAIN! I can’t imagine the stress!!!”

“It is time to do the right thing for those injured. Johnson & Johnson is a well known name. It takes courage to admit to a mistake.”

“I have seen the pain and suffering my friend has gone through having to have hip surgery twice and to be in constant pain while trying to live a normal life and keep working because you need an income.”

“Johnson & Johnson is a trusted American company. People around the world value that trust in every product made in the past up to now. The question at hand is if we can still count on Johnson & Johnson. It would be a great hardship for many here in the United States and around the world to lose such great trust in an American company. ”

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