DePuy Recall Patients: Beware of a Company Called Broadspire


Johnson & Johnson would love to settle your artificial hip recall claims. They’ve just hired a company called Broadspire to take care of the details.  All you have to do is hand over your rights. 

It’s a controversial move by Johnson & Johnson in the DePuy Hip recall.  They’ve hired Broadspire to act like an insurance company would.  Broadspire collects medical records, sends out complicated forms to fill out and sign, and their adjusters even decide if a patient qualifies for another surgery. Any hip recall patient who follows these procedures could do more harm to themselves than they realize.

Don’t allow Broadspire, Johnson and Johnson, or DePuy to decide if you need another hip implant.  You and your doctor are the only ones who should make that decision. Don’t give them your private medical records either. The information they want can be used against you later on if you decide to go to court.

It is important to understand that Broadspire is NOT YOUR insurance company.  In fact, they aren’t an insurance company at all.  Broadspire was hired to manage the DePuy ASR hip recall for Johnson & Johnson, not for you.   Their bottom line mission is to control costs for Johnson & Johnson.

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