We Are Unable to Represent You

Based on your SIRVA questionnaire responses, we are unable to represent you in this case

Understand that our Law Firm’s SIRVA criteria are not necessarily those required by the Vaccine Court. Please do not consider this the final word on the subject. We are unable to take vaccine injury cases for a number of reasons other than the validity of the claim.  Thus, our inability to represent you in this matter is likely not any reflection on the validity of your particular claim.  Another vaccine attorney may review your claim and be willing and able to pursue it.  The following law firms also represent vaccine injured individuals and may be interested in representing you in this matter:

  • Kate Westad, Esq., Larkin Hoffman, 8300 Norman Center Drive, Suite 1000, Minneapolis, MN 55437, phone 952-896-3227
  • Professor Edward Kraus, Esq., Chicago-Kent Law Offices, 565 W. Adams St., Room 627, Chicago, IL, phone 312-906-5072
  • Black McLaren Jones Ryland & Griffee, P.C., 530 Oak Court Dr, Ste 360, Memphis, TN, phone 901-762-0535
  • Conway Homer, PC, 16 Shawmut Street, Boston, MA, phone 617-695-1990
  • Sylvia Chin-Caplan, Esq., 1 International Place, Suite 1400, Boston, MA, 02110, phone 617-535-7571
  • Lisa A. Roquemore, Esq., 19900 MacArthur Boulevard, Suite 1150, Irvine, CA, phone 949-223-9601

Remember that in vaccine injury matters you have a very limited time in which to bring your claim. You need to give any attorney that you ask to review your case an adequate amount of time to complete their review and prepare to file the action. So don’t delay.

On behalf of the entire firm, we wish you all the best in this matter.

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