Attorney Talis Abolins Testifies About Kratom Before Maryland Lawmakers

Attorney Talis Abolins from mctlaw testified before the Maryland House of Delegates this afternoon over a bill that does not go far enough to protect the public from kratom. House Bill 1229, also titled “Kratom Consumer Protection Act,” went before the Maryland Health & Government Operations Committee today. It’s a first step in a much longer legislative […]

A Second Kratom-Related Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed in the Same WA County as Recent Multi-Million Dollar Kratom Verdict

A second kratom wrongful death lawsuit has been filed in Cowlitz County, WA following the tragic death of 37-year-old Jordan McKibban. The lawsuit involves multiple defendants, including manufacturers and sellers of kratom brands such as Whole Herbs kratom capsules and Hush Kratom liquid shots, as well as a bulk kratom powder sold by Cloud House […]

Mctlaw Wins a Groundbreaking Legal Judgment Holding Kratom Manufacturer Negligent

A negligence ruling by a Washington State Judge in a kratom wrongful death lawsuit is the first of its kind in the United States. Judge Gary Bashor entered a summary judgment against Society Botanicals, finding the Oregon company negligent due to “inadequate warnings and instructions” on the packaging of their product, Kratom Divine.  Thirty-nine year […]

Attorney Michael Cowgill Radio Interview about Kratom Lawsuits

Mctlaw Attorney Michael Cowgill was recently interviewed by radio host Juan Pablo Salas on La Numero Uno 99.1 FM, 1280 for their business segment. They discussed the matters mctlaw handles in the Sarasota County area and nationwide. Attorney Cowgill discussed wrongful death litigation involving Kratom, which is often sold as a powder, tea, or pill, and is marketed […]

Family Files Lawsuit Alleging Father of Three Died from Drinking Kratom Tea Sold as All-Natural, Organic, and Safe

The family of 39-year-old Patrick Coyne, from Castle Rock, WA, filed a wrongful death lawsuit alleging he died from taking Kratom Divine products. The complaint alleges Coyne, a husband and father of 3, was found dead in his recliner after drinking Kratom Divine’s Maeng Da tea. The complaint describes how his wife and father-in-law spent […]